Nestle Just Released Green Cookie Dough For Fans Of 'The Grinch'


It's time to toss your Pumpkin Spice Latte into the street and flick on the Hallmark channel, because according to the land of grocery store desserts, it's basically Christmas. At the very least, it sure will feel like Christmas when you spot Nestle's new "Pinch Of Grinch" sugar cookie dough on shelves — which is, suitably, as green as the infamous curmudgeon himself. Per Best Products, the dough will be available starting in October at Target, Kroger, and select regional retailers, and will retail for $2.99. Considering there's enough in there for 20 cookies, you'll be able to feed your entire holiday party and still have plenty of money left to blow on holiday gifts for the Grinch to steal.

While the cookies are inspired by a holiday hater, they certainly do sound delicious — the green dough is sugar cookie, and each of them it topped with a little red heart (which I gather is two sizes too small). But if you're a fan of all things Grinch-related, I'd get your mitts on them sooner than later — they'll only be available for a limited time, and only while supplies last. Here's what it looks like, so you can spot it on shelves.


This, to me, seems like a delicious riff off of yet another iconic and nostalgic Christmas fave — in 2018, a Buddy the Elf sugar cookie dough hit shelves. Each pack featured 24 pre-cut sugar cookies adorned with Buddy the Elf's iconic elf hat, making them the ideal cookie to lay out for "SANTAAAAA!" on Christmas Eve. If you, like my family, are so hardcore about your themed sugar cookies that you freeze packs of them to enjoy year-round, then perhaps you can have the most emotionally confusing holiday bake of your life and pop some Buddy the Elf batches along with your Grinch ones. (Related: How have we not had a crossover universe with those two characters yet? Millennials have needs.)

These were spotted at Target and Walmart stores in 2018, so maybe you'll luck out and find them there again.


This isn't the only delicious holiday dessert news we've already gotten in 2018. Kit Kat announced that a Sweet Cinnamon flavor is going to be available exclusively in miniature packs, and should be hitting shelves nationwide in November. (Word to the wise: They go perfectly with hot chocolate and coffee.) Walmart has already started stocking some of its iconic Christmas desserts, including a Peppermint Creme Pie, Egg Nog Ice Cream, and Peppermint Ice Cream. And it seems like every time you log onto the internet, there's a new weird advent calendar getting added to the mix (so far this year we've seen the return of the Target sock advent calendars, a marshmallow advent calendar, and even — be still your White Claw-guzzling heart — a hard seltzer advent calendar).

But if you're looking specifically to get into the sugar cookie action this year, your best odds are hitting up Target, Walmart, or a similar retailer — as far as themed desserts for the masses go, they seem to be your most festive bet.