Alex & Ellie's Kiss Has Sent Twitter Into Meltdown, So Here Are The Best Reactions

by Louise McCreesh

After two and a half weeks of trying and failing to couple up with a Love Island contestant who wasn't his strictly-in-the-friendzone partner Samira Mighty, junior A&E doctor Alex George has finally had his first snog. Alex & Ellie's Love Island kiss meant that Doctor Do More might finally have a romantic coupling in the offing. Predictably, Twitter was rather happy for him.

After initially sharing a little smooch during Tuesday night's episode of Love Island, Alex was feeling the impetus to advance his relationship with Ellie during Wednesday night's show, and — weirdly – so were his fellow Islanders Jack Fincham, Dani Dyer, and Adam Collard. Although, you think Adam would have enough of his own relationship drama to be getting on with, it seems he wanted to try and instigate some elsewhere in the villa, though at least this time there was a positive outcome for those involved.

Anyway, following Alex's rather successful date with Ellie, Jack, Adam, and Dani pulled him to one side to pump him for information regarding his next moves, before urging him to pursue a much longer kiss with Ellie to ensure her affections wouldn't stray in the direction of one Wes Nelson, who had also been giving her the eye.

While a noble plan, Alex found the coaching from his fellow Islanders rather embarrassing, retreating to the Beach Hut to sound off on his pushy friends. “I’m sat there, I’m 27 years old, I’m getting pep talked by a load of people I’ve known for two weeks on how to kiss a girl," he said, before adding, "how embarrassing.” But, despite Alex's reservations and minor embarrassment, he finally worked up the courage to kiss Ellie, and — oh yes — it was glorious.

Here's how the whole thing unfolded.

Embarassed but equally encouraged by the support from his trio of mates, and Adam's new love interest Zara McDermott, Alex took Ellie to one side and laid his cards thoroughly on the table. “I just want to say, I think when it comes to recoupling, if I lay my cards on my chest, I probably would quite like to recouple with you, if you felt the same kind of way," he said. Before we even get to Ellie's response, Alex's mixed metaphor got a lot of love on Twitter.

Ellie responded with, "OK, yeah." And — while hardly that enthusiastic a response — an undeterred Alex then leaned in for that all-important kiss, to the delight of an entire nation. And, no. I'm not being melodramatic.

You see, also egging Alex on from the comfort of their own sofas were a lot of Love Island viewers — who have been throwing their support behind Alex's search for love for weeks now. With people live-tweeting their reaction to that kiss, here are just a few of the best reactions:

So, what's next for Alex and Ellie?

Well, with a recoupling on the horizon and new male contestant Sam Bird — aka Georgia Toffolo's personal trainer — heading into the villa during Thursday night's episode, Alex will surely want to lock down his recoupling with Ellie at the next ceremony. While the contestants weren't aware of the new arrival, landing a kiss with her before Sam enters the villa was a super smart move.

Sam's arrival may also spark hope for the villa's OG Sam — aka Samira Mighty — who is still looking to find an attraction with any of this year's male Islanders, although the issue isn't being discussed half as much as it should be, right? She's in the same situation as Alex, so it's time the Love Island producers devoted as much effort to finding her a match.

Could Sam be the answer to her Love Island prayers? Only time will tell but I sure hope so. As long as he behaves himself.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.