All The Clues About 'AHS: Cult' Released Thus Far

Now that fans know what it's called, it's time to start gathering all the clues about American Horror Story: Cult that have been revealed so far, in the hopes that you'll be able to guess any other details about the upcoming episodes. The act of desperately analyzing all of the hints about the new season of American Horror Story has become somewhat of a tradition for those who love the mysterious build-up and the guessing that comes along with it.

Seven seasons into the series, it's quite clear this is something that showrunner Ryan Murphy also loves. Whether he's sharing sinister, cryptic clues on his Instagram, or providing curious answers to fans' questions on Twitter, Murphy seems to enjoy creating a little breadcrumb trail of puzzlement for fans before the new season airs.

With American Horror Story: Cult set to premiere on Sept. 5, there are still a few weeks worth of speculation left before the story officially gets going. But, from the clues that Murphy has provided about AHS: Cult across social media, it already seems as though this upcoming season could be the most frightening and topical yet. Here are all of the hints that fans have been given thus far.


Honeycomb & The American Flag

Thus bringing together two core themes for Season 7: patriotic pride (and the politics that come with it) and the concept of hive minds. Perhaps there's a cult resembling the dynamics of a bee hive?


The First Sighting Of A "Red, White, & Blue" Clue

As shared by Just Jared in May, Evan Peters was shown on set with blue hair. The same month, Murphy shared this image on his Instagram with the caption, "AHS Season 7: Red, white and blue clue," and it seems safe to assume that this is likely a picture of Peters' hair.


Peters' Character Name

Considering that Kai has multiple meanings across various cultures, this is about as vague a clue as AHS fans could hope for.


Kai Could Be A Heavy Character

This clue, however, is a little bit better. As AHS fans will already be aware, Peters' has played a variety of heavy characters on the show thus far. So for Murphy to imply that Cult will be the actors heaviest role of all means you should probably buckle up for some full-on terror.


Billie Lourd's Blue-ish Hair

That matching blue tone that Lourd is sporting in her hair (and on her nails) could indicate that this is the official color of the cult. Maybe her character is a member of it.


The "Red" Of The "Red, White, & Blue" Theme

Though this wasn't released as a clue, but rather as Murphy's way of welcoming actor Colton Haynes to AHS, that red tone adds the second color to the overall patriotic theming. It hints that Haynes may also be a clown in the show, while also teasing something malevolent. The smudged lipstick, for instance, kind of resembles the smeared blood around The Countess' mouth in AHS: Hotel. With that in mind, maybe it's actually blood and not lipstick.


The Official Title Of Season 7

If you got clown problems, I feel bad for you, son, because AHS: Cult has 99 problems and a clown is every single damn one. Yikes.


Twisty The Clown's Return

Make that a double yikes, guys.


Another 'Freak Show' Character May Return

Posted by Murphy with the caption, "AHS Season 7 clue: ambidexterity," this picture draws an odd parallel to conjoined twins Dot and Bette Tattler of Freak Show. While it might be two hands conjoined to a head, rather than two heads conjoined to one body, it still makes for a strange similarity. And one that seems to suggest a cast member may play multiple characters, or one character could have multiple personalities.


A Possible 'Murder House' Connection

The S&M vibes of the gag on the mask is immediately evocative of the Rubber Man from Murder House. Make of that what you will, and have fun with those particular nightmares.


Even More Returning Characters

With a few of Murphy's clues thus far drawing parallels between past characters, this recent tweet could support theories that you'll be seeing more season crossovers in AHS: Cult, and possibly even some familiar characters.


The Latest Teaser Tying Together Every Known Theme

This latest AHS: Cult teaser takes the terror of everything fans know about the new season to the next level — and then some. With a creepy male voiceover, clowns brandishing knives, bees-a-plenty, and red, white, and blue coloring, the themes are bold and chilling in this teaser. It also seems to be giving off some notable Freddy Krueger vibes with the stripes at the start of the video.


All Of The Bees In This Photo

And, if you think that Murphy went big on the bee theme in that previous video, then just gaze upon this image. While it's uncertain whether this image is taken from an actual scene in the show, or perhaps just as part of Cult's own version of AHS's iconic starting credits sequences, there's no denying it's creepiness.


Early Artwork With A Face Resembling Honeycomb

Speaking of bees, there's also no denying that this piece of artwork shared by Murphy features flesh that looks uncannily like dripping honeycomb, and also, a little like Krueger's face, too. The potential Nightmare On Elm Street connection could also imply that the cult exists around fear.


Sarah Paulson's Cryptic Tweet

Was the mucus and spatula perhaps in creation of someone with dripping, honeycomb like flesh? And if so, then is Paulson's character the one who becomes this? Either way, it makes for quite the mental image.


Paulson's Character Name

Of course, an "ally" is someone who helps another organization or group of which they don't belong, but support, regardless. That could mean that Paulson's character is a literate embodiment of her namesake, and if so, will that mean that she's actively helping the cult? Or helping opposition to it?


This Nightmarish Vision

Various fans made the connection that this disturbing image could be a grotesque reference to the Republican Party elephant. Add onto that the garish clown mouth and fact that Murphy has indicated AHS: Cult will take place following a US election, and that could very well be the case.


The 'AHS: Cult' Setting

As you might remember, Michigan was a state lost by Hillary Clinton in the U.S. election, and it was also a prominent state for creepy clown sightings in 2016, both of which line the location up as an interesting choice. Especially, where the themes of AHS: Cult appear to be concerned.

Individually, many of these clues may feel vague and even just plain strange. But if you look at them as a whole, then there's definitely a narrative forming. And it looks as though there may be plenty of surprises in store yet.