Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipsticks Are Buy One, Get One At Sephora Right Now

Can a person have too many lipsticks? No, no they can't. From seasonal changes to different finishes, there are just too many reasons to have an entire lipstick collection. Now, you can stock up because Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks are bogo at Sephora. Yep, buy one ABH lippies, and you'll get another one totally free. Sounds too good to be true, right? Good news! This is one of those lucky times where that old adage just doesn't apply.

While Sephora may have their incredible Weekly Wow deals (which you should totally be checking out), they're not exactly known for being a paragon of deals. With luxury and high-end goods, it can be hard to find a product that fits within your budget. Of course, there's the retailer's famous VIB and VIB Rouge sales, but those only come around every few months. Today, though, you can officially cash in on a deal with the black and white hued retailer.

According to a post by TrendMood's sister account TrendMoodDeals, the retailer is offering buy one, get one Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks as part of their Weekly Wow. There are a few caveats to the deal, but they are so few, that it really won't matter much once you hear them.

The first thing you need to know is that the deal only applies to full sized products, and it's not usable on the brand's kits that are sold at Sephora. The second thing is that their lip primer is not part of the deal either, and finally, the deal is only good on one purchase of two lippies. Those are the deets. Seriously, that's it. Anything else is free game including their lip glosses, and you can mix and match!

No matter what you choose to purchase, you're guaranteed to save money. While Sephora will choose the least expensive item as your free item in this bogo deal, the most inexpensive lip option from Anastasia Beverly Hills is their lip gloss, and it rings in at $16. This means that you'll at least be saving that much, but if you choose to purchase two of their liquid lipsticks, you can save up to $20.

While people are biting their nails and wondering if they should be shopping the brand's new Norvina palette, you can be over in the lippie section snagging a new lip gloss, liquid lip, or bullet lipstick for free (because with a bogo deal, one of those lippies is, in fact, free). However, let's be honest. If you're going to save up to $20 on your lipstick collection, why not take that money and apply it to the brand's new palette, right?

If you want to snag two new lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills, head over to the Sephora website now. Since this is a Weekly Wow deal, you've only got a week to shop. Grab your favorite shades, add them to your cart, and you've got a bomb discount and two new lippies to call your own.