‘Aquaman 2’ Is Finally Happening, But Fans Will Have To Wait Awhile To See It

For those who were worried about the fate of Arthur Curry, let the sea wipe your tears away. Aquaman 2 is officially happening, but fans are going to have to wait awhile to see it. To be more specific, fans won't be able to go under the sea with Jason Momoa until 2022.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros. announced that the Aquaman sequel will be released on Dec. 16, 2022, almost four years after the first movie hit theaters. Let's be honest, though, it takes a lot of time to unite the two worlds and the makers of this film want to make sure they get it right. And who knows, maybe add a few more dinosaurs.

It's definitely no surprise to hear that Warner Bros. is making another Aquaman movie. After all, the film raked in $1.1 billion at the global box office last year, according to EW, making it the most profitable movie of the DC Universe worldwide. Hear that Superman? Momoa's superhero is still second best to Wonder Woman, though, whose 2017 film is still the highest grossing DCU film in the U.S.

According to Deadline, the film will be written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote the original Aquaman script. It's still unclear whether director James Wan will return for the second film. For now, there's not much else to know about the Aquaman sequel, but the post credits scene in the original might offer some insight to what fans should expect.

The scene, which, if we're being technical here is actually a mid-credits scene, gives another look at Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who was working for Aquaman's half brother Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. Black Manta is a pirate who was tasked with hunting down Aquaman, a job he was more than willing to take on since the superhero had a part in the death of his father.

But, after losing to Aquaman he disappears only to reappear in this extra scene where he's found floating on a raft by Dr. Stephen Shin (Randall Park). When the doctor brings him back to his home, he soon realizes that Manta's armor is from Atlantis. It's a special find for a guy who's cast as a conspiracy theorist who's trying to convince the world that Atlantis is real. It's hard to believe the effects of this scene won't be felt in the upcoming movie, especially since Manta's relationship with Aquaman is well, complicated.

Manta is the person who kills Aquaman's baby, better known as Aquababy. It's possible Aquababy may even make an appearance in this sequel since Momoa mentioned his little one in an interview with MTV News last year. "There's so many possibilities," he said, teasing the possibility that Aquaman will become Mr. Mom in the future.

For now, fans will have to wait to see whether or not Aquababy is born for the sequel. Luckily, fans will have a few other DC movies to keep them busy. Yes, the reason for this long Aquaman wait might be that DC has six other movies on the docket including Joaquin Phoenix's Joker (Oct. 4, 2019), Birds of Prey (Feb. 7, 2020), and the Wonder Woman sequel in theaters June 5, 2020. In the words of the great Arthur Curry, yee-haw this is gonna be quite a ride.