Post-'BiP' Derek & Taylor Have Already Hit Some Major Relationship Milestones

Paul Hebert/ABC

Bachelor In Paradise certainly breeds a lot of love — or lust, depending on your definition — but more often that not, its romance is short-lived. So, four months out from the show's Season 4 finale, it feels necessary to check in. Are Bachelor couple Derek and Taylor still together in 2018?

BiP fans can breathe deep, because yes, all signs point to their relationship still being firmly intact. There's no sign of a wedding date just yet, but they're definitely still on track to make it to the altar. Viewers will recall that the couple didn't get engaged during the season finale, as is typical in Paradise, but rather during the reunion taping, where Derek proposed in front of Chris Harrison, their castmates, and the studio's live audience. According to Us Weekly, who reported the news before the episode aired, no one knew it was coming. But it certainly wasn't a surprise: Aside from one heated argument, Derek and Taylor had been solid from day one.

After filming wrapped, Taylor told People that Derek came back with her to her hometown of Seattle and stayed for several weeks. They've been doing long distance since then, but they have a plan in place. Taylor posted on Instagram in October that Derek was relocating from Iowa to New York to start a new job, and they'd already begun apartment hunting for a place to live together. It's not entirely clear if Taylor has since joined him there (her Twitter location still lists Seattle, while her Instagram says New York), but if not, she'll be there soon enough.

More recently, the couple celebrated Derek's 30th birthday with a vacation to Hawaii. Per Instagram, Taylor planned several romantic outings, including an off-roading tour, a 17-course meal, and a horseback ride across the island — all fitting homages to the franchise that helped them find each other, where extravagant dates are commonplace. As Derek wrote in a recent Instagram post:

"#WCW because not only just look at her, but [Taylor] is a go-getter who could do anything she wants in life, but instead chooses to open her heart and help others open theirs to improve lives...actual life changer out here doing good in this world. How did I find this diamond on a crazy TV show!?!?!?"

Needless to say, they still seem very much in love. Granted, it's only been six months since they started dating, but with a success rate as low as The Bachelor's, that says a lot; Nick and Vanessa only made it five.

But more than that, it seems like Derek and Taylor have a realistic approach to love. They realize relationships aren't the fantasy The Bachelor often makes them to be, and they're willing to put in the work to make things last. "Relationships can be hard work, and I’m so grateful and feel lucky to have someone who is willing and wanting to put in all of that work...cause that hasn’t always been the case for me," Taylor captioned a December Instagram post. "[Derek] continues to amaze me everyday with his patience, support, ambition, thoughtfulness, affection, and dad jokes."

As far as wedding plans go, the couple hasn't provided many updates, but it sounds like they wanted to iron out their living details before moving on to the next step. They've said in the past that they're open to a televised wedding, so it's certainly possible fans will see them say their "I dos" on Bachelor In Paradise's next season. Until then, though, it seems they're happy just being together, and that's worth celebrating on its own. Hopefully, the new year will make them even stronger.