Taylor & Derek's Vacation Photos Will Melt Even The Coldest Hearts In 'Bachelor' Nation

Paul Hebert/ABC

Snow is falling and the temperature is rapidly dropping. But while you're sitting at home wishing you had someone to escape this miserable weather with, one of your favorite Bachelor Nation couples is already proving they were one step ahead of you by taking a romantic vacation to someplace a bit warmer. In case you missed it, Bachelor in Paradise's Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth are vacationing in Hawaii — and the photos from the trip will seriously make you feel some things.

Based on their Instagram posts, the BiP alums have spent the past few days celebrating Derek's 30th birthday at a lavish resort in Hawaii while you and your peers have been stuck avoiding doing anything that has to do with taking a step outside and trekking through this frigid weather.

Taylor took to Instagram earlier this week to post a photo of herself walking through a wooded area in Kauai, flower in her hair and all. She looks as happy as can be in the photo, and though she didn't reveal in the caption that she was taking a nice and relaxing winter vacation with Derek, it can only be assumed that her fiancé was the one behind the camera. Especially since she wrote, "So much awkward captured, but also a lot of happy."

That was basically confirmed with her next photo, in which she wished Derek a happy birthday via a photo of the couple looking sporty AF as they posed in front of a 4x4 buggy. Her lengthy caption reads,

"Happy birthday @pethderek! Thank you @kipuranchadventures for helping me with this wonderful birthday surprise, we had an amazing time! Derek got to see a real adventurous side of me and I got to see him turn in to a really excited 7yr old boy WE CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK! Our tour guides were so friendly and cool, we made friends with cows, birds, pigs, and were blown away by breathtaking views at every turn. This was the perfect combo of adventurous and romantic! If you come to Kauai & don’t go to @kipuranchadventures, then what’re you even doing?! #ChanneledMyInnerSportySpice #ImACoolFiance #HeAlmostTippedUs #StillLoveHimThough #WeWantToLiveThere"

Later on, Derek posted a selfie of the love birds lounging around (and Taylor playfully picking his nose) at the resort, expressing his gratitude for Taylor being the one to suggest that they take their much-needed vacation in Hawaii.

He then dedicated another more serious post to his fiancé with a photo of the couple kissing under a cabana. His caption reads,

"No joke, @taymocha is the best person to be with on your birthday. I’ve never had anyone make as much of a deal out of my birthday as Tay has the whole week. This 17 course meal at @tidepoolskauai was surprise number 5 of like 75 and all I had to do to repay her was a few of these #awwwwww"

With so many famed TV couples not exactly making it past the honeymoon phase, it's good to see that Taylor and Derek are still going strong. The couple fell for each other during their time on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this year and naturally experienced a few bumps in the road as viewers watched their relationship play out on the small screen. But, in the end, their love managed to triumph, and Taylor and Derek ended up getting engaged during the BiP aftershow back in September.

Since then, the soon-to-be-newlyweds have posted countless adorable Instagrams of each other that have solidified their places in the relationship goals hall of fame. The photos from their Hawaiian vacation this week are just another reason why they're one of fans' favorite Bach couples.