Ariana Grande Admitted Her Personal Life Is "Nonexistent" & Fans Will Totally Get Why

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When you're pretty much the biggest superstar in the world, it's understandable that you might not have the most exciting life outside of work. Ariana Grande admitted her personal life is "nonexistent," because, well, duh. Grande not having the typical social life? Yeah, it makes complete sense, especially since she works extremely hard for all of her achievements.

While appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Feb. 19, Corden and Grande discussed her latest major accomplishment — making Billboard history. On Tuesday, Billboard announced that she is the first act to nab Billboard Hot 100's top three spots at the same time since The Beatles. This huge win for the "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" artist also means she's the first musical act to do this since 1964, she's only the second musical act to score this type of honor ever, and she's also the first solo artist to make this type of history. Yeah, she's amazing.

"This is so weird and crazy," Grande told James Corden. "I'll take a break after this. I'll go away for a little. I promise." The 25-year-old later added that she was "tired of my voice."

The late-night talk show host told Grande to cut it out, because as he said, "It's an amazing achievement, you should be so proud of it."

Corden is so right. He also asked Grande if she was going to celebrate, to which she answered,

"Honestly, I was so excited you asked me to do this today because I usually don't have anything to do other than just make songs and rehearse and that's it. Personal life still nonexistent, so I was so excited to come here."

The thank u, next musician revealed her mom wanted to take her dinner, but she would probably just "end up in the studio." That's Grande for you, never quitting and always working hard, even when it's a time to celebrate. Like Corden gushed to Grande,

"After everything you've been through this past 12 months, I think it is a wonderful thing and you should enjoy this moment and be incredibly proud."
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It's not like she's never had a personal life, because Grande certainly knows how to have fun and balance relationships with work. She was most recently engaged to Pete Davidson, but, unfortunately, they ended up going their separate ways last October.

Grande is just someone who throws herself into her work. Music is her passion, so Grande is taking it seriously and ensuring she continues to make her dreams a reality. Who can fault her for not having a great personal life and wanting to be successful?

That said, Corden's right. Grande needs to own this huge honor and relish in it. Granted, learning you made such major history in the music industry would definitely be a lot to digest. Upon Billboard's announcement, the "7 rings" singer posted multiple tweets showing her shock. One of her multiple tweets read,

"i laughed when i saw this bc i thought y’all edited it. thank u from the bottom of my heart. for so many reasons. first time since the beatles huh. that’s wild. i thought this was a joke when i saw it i’m not kidding. i love u. so much. always have n will. thank u for everything."

She's definitely being modest, but her humbleness also makes Grande all the more likable. Who knows if Grande really will take a break eventually to focus more on herself personally, but until then, let's celebrate the artist for her hard work and making history.