Ariana Grande Just Got A New Tattoo That May Cover Up Pete-Related Ink

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There's no secret about how much some celebrities love getting tattoos, and now, another star has gotten brand new ink. Ariana Grande's new finger tattoo may simply seem like a delicate vine, but this ink may actually be covering up an old member of her tat fam. Yes, it just may be related to her former relationship with Pete Davidson.

According to Refinery29, Grande took to her Instagram stories on June 19 to post a video of her new vine tattoo with the caption, "My hands make me so happy." In the short video, she also tagged her tattoo artist Mira Mariah. The star getting yet another hand tattoo would be a pretty big deal regardless of what it was of thanks to her incredible collection of tiny tats, but it's most notable because Refinery29 explains that this ink is actually a coverup.

The publication explains that Grande used the new vine ink to coverup an old Harry Potter themed tattoo that read, "9 3/4" the number of the train platform used to get to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As for the reason why she'd want to cover up the tattoo, the magazine explains that fans believe it's related to her ex Pete Davidson.

Ariana Grande/Instagram

Like Grande, Davidson is a fan of Harry Potter, and both stars have several existing tattoos themed after the book and film series. In fact, at the beginning of their relationship, the pair posted photos of themselves in Hogwarts house robes. Could the former couple's shared love of Harry Potter have led Grande to remove the tattoo? Maybe, but it seems unlikely.

Ariana Grande/Instagram

Grande had existing Harry Potter tattoos before she and Davidson began dating including one on her right hand that reads, "Lumos," a spell used to light the end of a wand. Sometime before filming her God Is A Woman music video, she added a lightening bolt to the back of her ear which could also easily be a Harry Potter reference thanks to the titular character's famous forehead scar.

While Grande has covered ink that she and Davidson got together in the past, it doesn't seem like the 9 3/4 tattoo would be one of them given her long-standing love of the book and film series. If that were the case, she'd likely also be covering the other Harry Potter tattoos she has.

Plus, Grande has covered tattoos in the past that weren't related to Davidson at all. While time may have passed since Grande's "7 Rings" tattoo, it may be one of her most famous thanks to its the misuse of the Japanese kanji symbols used to spell out the song's title. Unfortunately, the first iteration of the tattoo led to a loose translation of "BBQ Grill." When Grande attempted to change the ink, the meaning of the kanji shifted to "Japanese BBQ Finger," thanks to a misplaced kanji. Oops.

Ariana Grande/Instagram

While Ariana Grande's new finger tattoo covers up an old Harry Potter tattoo, it doesn't have to be related to her ex Pete Davidson. Clearly, the artist loves getting ink, and she's probably running out of space on her hands by now. Maybe Grande's simply switching out her tattoos for fun. Whatever the reason, though, the tattoo is a great additional to her ever growing collection.