Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson's 'Harry Potter' Video Shows They Are SERIOUS Potterheads

by Kristie Rohwedder
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty; Kevin Winter/Getty

On Thursday, June 7, the Twitter clouds parted and revealed the ray of sunshine that is Ariana Grande’s video of Pete Davidson talking about Harry Potter. As their relationship announcement photo suggests, the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer and the SNL star really, really love the story of The Boy Who Lived. However, Davidson’s Harry Potter fandom and Grande’s Harry Potter fandom are two very different fantastic beasts. Davidson sums it all up in about 30 seconds.

“I don’t know these weird facts that you know,” Davidson begins. “They don’t advance the story." Oh, is that so? Accio Examples.

Davidson continued,

"Like me knowing what, like, Professor Quirrell’s favorite scarf is. That’s just not what Harry Potter was to me, you know? Like, I’ve seen each movie at least 20 times, I’m sorry I don’t know what, like, Dumbledore’s, like, cat when he was four’s name is because it didn't advance the f*ckin' story."

Wait a second. What is the name of Dumbledore's cat — oh, right. Right, right, right. He's joking around... right? *Checks Twitter.* *Checks Wikipedia.* *Checks Google.* *Scribbles "did Dumbledore have a cat when he was four?" and sends it via Howler to Headmistress McGonagall at Hogwarts.* Hey, you can never be too careful.

Once Davidson makes it clear that he is here for the overall story, not the hyper-specific details that make up the Harry Potter universe, he leans toward Grande's camera and says, "I can tell you who killed Harry’s parents!” Grande wisely ends the video before he can utter He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's name.

You can hear Davidson's delightful speech plus Grande's contagious laugh here.

Well, this is ridiculously cute. To think, it was only a few weeks ago when we were all like, "Wait, is this couple a real thing?" And now here they are, cracking up about Harry Potter together and sharing their Harry Potter feelings with the internet.

On May 18, Bossip reported that an unnamed tipster said Grande and Davidson struck up a romance. A few days later, People reported that they also heard rumblings about this relationship from some unnamed sources. The clues started to pile up like beard clippings at one of Hagrid's hair appointments.

There was a curious sweatshirt situation. There was a possible matching tattoo situation. There was a matching cloud phone case situation. And there was the s’mores pic situation. But there wasn't a confirmation situation.

We waited for Grande and Davidson to say something — anything — about the reports. And waited. And waited. And then on May 30, it happened: Davidson shared a photo he took with Grande while they were clad in Hogwarts robes. “the chamber of secrets has been opened …” Davidson wrote in the caption.

Yes, they made their relationship Instagram official with a Harry Potter-themed IG announcement. Expecto Photo-nus.

And from that moment on, Davidson and Grande have been pretty open about their relationship status.

He cheered her on while she performed at iHeartRadio's Wango Tango on Saturday, June 2. When a fan asked her about him, she called him the goat.

He got two more tattoos that may or may not be inspired by her. She shared his review of her forthcoming album, Sweetener.

Davidson may not know which scarf is Quirinus Quirrell's favorite. He may not know the name of Albus Dumbledore's childhood pet. But he knows what Grande's to-be-released record sounds like. And he knows he loves all of the songs. And he already knows which track is his favorite. And he knows what a treat we Arianators are in for when Sweetener drops in August of this year. Alohomor-awwww.