Here's What Arie Actually Thinks Of Krystal's 'Bachelor' Hijinks


When Arie Luyendyk Jr. elected to skip right past the evening’s rose ceremony on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor (series film editor: Debra Light) one contestant volleyed back with a surprise of her own. Just as he was about to start calling out names and handing out roses to the women who’d be advancing to the next round, Bachelor contestant Krystal Nielson pulled Arie aside to whisper at him about the state of their relationship. The other contestants were less than thrilled about it, obviously, but what did Arie think of this no holds barred "Can I steal you for a second" move? Uh, judging from what he said on a recent episode of Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast, it seems like the dude was as thrown by this gambit as the folks at home.

On this week's edition of The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast, the star of The Bachelor Season 22 talked about what it's been like to revisit this season, and specifically, what it's been like to watch the Krystal drama unfold. When asked about Krystal's pre-rose ceremony caucus, Arie replied, “I don’t really know why she did that, to be honest, because that week wasn’t a hard week for us."

Was the pre-rose ceremony fireside chat wholly unnecessary? Well, it kind of sounds like he would've given Krystal the rose either way, so no, Krystal probably did not need to steal him for a second while the rest of the cast dawdled around awkwardly in the rose ceremony room. However, it made for phenomenal reality TV, so kudos to Krystal.

Arie continued,

"Our group date was really, really fun and she was on that little group with me during the hike. And so, I just feel like she saw other relationships forming and she had that early one-on-one, so it’s probably hard for her to really adapt to being on these group dates.”

As she made pretty clear during that wilderness expedition where Arie pranked everyone by chugging a thermos of apple juice and calling it urine, Krystal really isn't a fan of the group dates. Like, really, really hates the group dates. She's there to spend time with Arie and only Arie, and being on a group date gets in the way of her mission.

Wait. Isn't there an old saying that would fit this situation like a glove? Now, what is it again? Something about "friends" and "here" and "not"? Take it away, Arie:

“Ultimately, she wasn’t there— I know it’s so cliché to say, ‘I didn’t come here to make friends,’ but, you know, she put our relationship first and that caused some conflict. I think that there is something to be said for someone who fights for the time that you get together because you do have such limited time.”

If there was a Hall of Fame for Bachelor/ette contestants who are not here to make friends go, Krystal would be the newest inductee.

As much as Arie admires the tenacity Krystal displays on this dating competition show, it sounds like their relationship is about to take a turn for the turbulent. As the current Bachelor explained,

“I would say that watching it back obviously is a whole different experience. I’m getting to see so much more of Krystal and what that whole situation is. And I think this episode in Tahoe you kind of see some cracks in our relationship, and next week, it really sort of blows up.”

Whoa, nelly. It sure sounds like next week's going to be a doozy. A doozy that's best paired with a thermos of warm apple juice, that is.