Austin Butler & Vanessa Hudgens' Relationship Timeline Is More Than 7 Years Strong

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Both Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have become household names in their own right, but the internet also can't get enough of their love for one another. Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler's relationship timeline spans over seven years, starting when they were most well-known for their Disney Channel credits, and it's filled with so many cute moments.

These days, Hudgens is a seasoned veteran of both the stage and screen, and Butler most recently appeared in Quentin Tarantino's film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood alongside big names like Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Even with their rising fame, however, the two remain just as smitten as they did on their first public outing way back in 2011.

Neither Hudgens nor Butler are shy about the public nature of their relationship, and support each other both online and in interviews. Just a quick scroll through Hudgens' social media reveals how deeply she cares about Butler, and it's adorable. Most recently, she shouted him out on Instagram after he landed the role of Elvis Presley for Baz Luhrmann's new biopic.

But when did these two fall in love with another? Here's a trip down memory lane to relive some of the best Austin and Vanessa moments.

2005: They Meet For The First Time

Hudgens and Butler first met on the set of High School Musical, the film that would catapult Hudgens into Disney stardom. The two wouldn't start anything romantic for another six years, however — at the time, Hudgens was in one of the most nostalgia-inducing Disney Channel relationships with her costar Zac Efron (RIP, Zanessa).

While Butler had been on the set, he didn't appear in the 2006 film. Funnily enough, though, he would later become a part of the High School Musical universe — in 2011, he played the love interest to Hudgens' longtime friend and HSM costar Ashley Tisdale in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.

September 2011: They're Spotted On A Date

Hudgens and Efron split for good in 2010, and about a year later, Butler was seen leaving Hudgens' home by The Daily Mail. Around the same time, the two were spotted acting very couple-y over milkshakes at Bob's Big Boy, a diner in Burbank.

At the time, The Daily Mail reported that Hudgens and Butler weren't seriously committed to one another. Instead, a source claimed they were in an FWB situation. Of course, this would all change the longer the two were together.

February 2012: They Make Their First Red Carpet Appearance Together

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Though there had been a short-lived romance between Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson, her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island costar, Butler's appearance with Hudgens at the film's red carpet premiere signaled that she had more than moved on. It wasn't an explicit confirmation of their relationship, but bringing him as her date to a highly photographed event was a huge step in and of itself.

April 2012: They Make Things Coachella-Official

Hudgens has long been crowned the "Queen of Coachella," so of course she would attend the famous music festival with a king by her side. The pair were caught engaging in some PDA, clearly no longer shy about showing their love for one another.

Throughout 2012 & 2013: They Go On Vacation Together

Evidently, these two love to travel — Hudgens and Butler jetted off to Italy for a romantic vacation in late 2012, and then to Las Vegas in May 2013. It must be true that only strong couples can withstand traveling together because both The Daily Mail and People reported that they kissed almost non-stop throughout the two trips.

December 2013: They Are (Almost) Insta-Official

Butler made his first appearance on Hudgens' Instagram in 2013, but it wasn't one of the romantic posts that would characterize their relationship in later years. Instead, Butler and Hudgens appeared in a group photo with other friends they met through Hillsong Church (yes, the controversial Hillsong that Chris Pratt is tied to, too). Hudgens' caption read,

"We may be rowdy but man we have fun. Love these people with all my heart. Thanks @hillsong for my new home"

August 2014: She Posts A Sweet Birthday Message For Him

Hudgens was more openly romantic toward Butler on his birthday in 2014, when she posted a photo with him to Instagram with a sweet caption. She wrote,

"Yesterday was the love of my life's birthday. Happy birthday to the man with the kindest heart, beautiful soul, crazy talent and best looks I've ever seen. He never stops inspiring me in every aspect of life and always lifts those around him up higher. I thank god so greatly for blessing the world 23 years ago by creating Austin Butler."

Hudgens has continued to post on Butler's birthday over the years, making it clear that the two of them are only growing fonder with age.

September 2014: She Supports Him After His Mother's Death

Butler's mother, Lori, sadly passed away in 2014 due to cancer. Hudgens tweeted her support of Butler and his family, asking fans to "spread the love for Lori" and to celebrate her life.

August 2015: He Returns The Insta-Favor

In 2015, it was Butler's turn to be adorable on Instagram. Though the shot he posted of Hudgens had no caption, he didn't need to say anything — fans were ecstatic to see her appear in his feed.

February 2016: He Cheers Her On During "Grease Live!"

Hudgens put on the bravest performance of her career when she went on as Rizzo in Grease Live!, just a day after her father, Greg, had passed away due to cancer. Butler supported her through the whole thing, tweeting during the show that he had "constant chills" and was "in tears."

February 2016: They Take A V-Day Trip To Sedona

The couple's trip to Sedona marked a bit of a bump in the road, when they found themselves in some legal trouble. Hudgens and Butler had carved their names inside a heart into a red rock wall in Sedona, which resulted in Hudgens paying a $1,000 fine to have the rock restored.

March 2017: They Deal With Long-Distance

Hudgens and Butler had been together for over five years by this point, and you don't last that long as a couple without some sacrifice. For Hudgens, this meant getting used to long-distance while they were apart working on different projects. Hudgens posted to Instagram saying she missed Butler, with a sweet pic of them kissing.

November 2018: She Gushes About Him In An Interview

In a November 2018 interview with Women's Health, Hudgens spoke about the love between her and Butler and revealed that they work so well because they can both be independent and still trust one another. She said,

"He inspires me more than anyone. We both respect, trust, and admire each other. It’s so solid now because I feel strong as an independent woman. I am very self-reliant, but it’s nice to have a best friend you can share victories with as well as losses ... He inspires me more than anyone."

February 2019: They Celebrate Their Seventh Valentine's Day Together

The pair celebrated their seventh Valentine's Day together this year, which is a pretty remarkable milestone. Hudgens celebrated by sharing a post of them kissing on Instagram, calling Butler "the only one I have eyes for."

July 2019: She Congratulates Him on His New Role

Hudgens had her turn to throw it back to the '50s when she starred in Grease Live!, and now Butler is taking on one of the most famous musicians of that decade: Elvis Presley.

When the news dropped that Butler will star in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis biopic, Hudgens took to Instagram to share her pride in Butler's new role, writing,


Keeping the love strong for over seven years is no small feat, and Butler and Hudgens should be proud of how far they've come. It looks like they'll be sticking by each other's sides for much longer, which can only mean more adorable Instagram posts of the couple in the future — and who wouldn't want that?