If You Love Drama, Tacos & 'Harry Potter,' You'll Get Along With Jane From 'BiP'

John Fleenor/ABC

The fun of Bachelor in Paradise is getting to watch your favorite (or least favorite) contestants from Bachelor Nation mix and mingle. And while Season 6 will feature big names from Colton's Bachelor season like Caelynn, Demi, and Hannah G., it also has less familiar faces like Jane Averbukh. Don't worry, though: Bachelor in Paradise star Jane's Instagram will let you get to know the contestant a bit better before watching her search for love. Colton may have sent her home on night one, but there's a lot more to her than just a limo entrance.

Since she didn't get much time to try and woo Colton beyond showing him a picture of her dog and his dog Photoshopped together, Jane is pretty mysterious to Bachelor viewers. Her intrigue is only elevated by the fact that her name isn't really Jane — it's technically Adrianne Averbukh, according to her LinkedIn. Her Bachelor profile had her listed as Adrianne "Jane" but referred to her as Jane primarily. And on Instagram, she goes by Jane Aver.

Whatever name she's going by, the Los Angeles social worker seems like someone worth getting to know, so hopefully she'll get more screen time during BiP. We know from her Bachelor bio that she's "a free spirit with infectious energy" who "uses her positive vibes and good nature to help care for seniors at an elderly day care facility," but here's what else we can glean from her Instagram.

She Loves Drama... And So Does Her Mom

Whatever season of the Bachelor franchise you're watching, Chris Harrison always promises it will be the "most dramatic" yet. With that in mind, it makes sense why Jane was chosen to be on the show: when she wished her mom happy birthday in June 2018, she called her "the only woman more dramatic than me."

She Has A Solid Friend Group

Jane's posts often feature her hanging with a group of gal pals and she's got a lot of love for her friends.

Her Number One Love Is Tacos

Jane may be looking for love, but tacos will always be No. 1 in her heart. "Woke up with love on my mind...I love tacos," she captioned a post in January.

She Has Her Master's Degree

Jane graduated from the University of Southern California in 2017, where she earned her master's degree in social work.

She's Been To Hogwarts

Besides being an expert in Muggle Studies, as a Harry Potter fan, Jane knows some magical skills as well.

She's Into Music

Whether it's a concert or a music festival like Coachella, Jane is ready to rock out.

She's An Equal Opportunity Dog Lover

Her attempt to connect with Colton about their shared love of dogs didn't work on The Bachelor, but someone else is sure to appreciate that on Paradise. Plus, while she calls her own adorable dog, Bella, the "light of my life," Jane said she doesn't necessarily have a type — at least when it comes to canines.

Based on her Instagram, Jane is a beautiful woman with a big personality. So while you may not have known her name before, she just might make a big splash on Bachelor in Paradise.