Jed Wyatt's New Single Could Totally Be About His 'Bachelorette' Ex Hannah Brown

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Forget dog food jingles — it looks like Bachelor Nation is all about country-pop love songs these days. On Friday, January 17, the former Bachelorette contestant Jed Wyatt released his latest single, "Risk," which is all about taking a chance on love. While Wyatt hasn't revealed if anyone in particular inspired the new track, the lyrics seem to reference his time on the reality show and his very dramatic breakup with Hannah Brown.

"Put my heart on the line, you got me rolling the dice," Wyatt sings in the very beginning of the song, implying that he's hoping his new relationship with girlfriend Ellen Decker will end better than his time with the former Bachelorette. "Tell me what are the odds that I win this time? ... Baby you're a risk of cold heart break / It's written on your lips and there a'int no saving me from your touch."

"I just had this idea come to me that was like, you know, there’s times in life where you want to take a chance on someone and your friends try to talk you out of it or tell you that it might not be the best idea," the aspiring country star told Us Magazine about the inspiration behind the track, which is the first single off his upcoming EP. "But you kind of want to listen to your heart and go for it anyway ‘cause you’re super attracted to them or into them in general."

While "Risk" doesn't make any explicit references to Wyatt's time on The Bachelorette and his subsequent breakup with Hannah, the singer revealed that much of his new music was made in the aftermath of the Season 15 finale. "With the chaos that occurred and stuff, I just had to take some time off. My mind was sort of just scattered," he told the outlet. "So once I was able to ground myself, the creativity started sparking again. Music has always been where I go for almost any emotion, so I’m glad to be back and be creative with it."

Wyatt's musical career has been entwined with his time competing on The Bachelorette ever since he admitted to Hannah during a one-on-one date that he originally came on the show as a way to reach a bigger audience with his music. Though he maintained that he developed genuine feelings for the former beauty queen over the course of filming — and serenaded her multiple times, including right before proposing — his ex-girlfriend, fellow musician Haley Stevens, told People in June that they were still dating when he left for the show, and that he told her that it was all an act to promote his music.

"He told me [early on in our relationship] that he had applied," Stevens revealed at the time. "He said, 'It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a huge opportunity. I’m only doing this for my music.' He only did it for his career." Adding that they spent the night together before he flew to Los Angeles to film The Bachelorette, she continued, "He wanted a platform."

Despite the connection between his time on the show and his musical ambitions, Bachelor Nation shouldn't expect Wyatt to appear on the franchise's upcoming music-centered spinoff, The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. "I’m very happy in my relationship," Wyatt told Us, adding, "I’m not looking to do another TV show at all." It looks like despite all of the drama and heartbreak, the "risk" that Wyatt took by coming on The Bachelorette has paid off for him.