Barefoot's New Hard Seltzers Will Actually Contain Wine

Barefoot Wine is coming out with a line of hard seltzer.

White Claw, Truly, et al: gird your spiked seltzer loins because Barefoot Wine is launching a line of hard seltzers. Whether it will earn a spot on your hard seltzer brunch menu is up to you. However, the brand is hoping to bring something new to the hard seltzer game: wine.

Starting in early February 2020, Barefoot will launch the first wine-based hard seltzer to hit the market, according to an emailed press release from the company. The Barefood Hard Seltzer is made with seltzer, natural flavors, and, as its name suggests, Barefoot Wine. The brand’s hard spiked seltzer will come in four different flavors: Pineapple & Passion Fruit, Cherry & Cranberry, Peach & Nectarine, and Strawberry & Guava. Similar to its spike seltzer sisters, it has less sugar than your standard alcoholic drink (one can has 2 grams of sugar). While it’s slightly smaller than its competitors — it comes in an 8.5-ounce can while While Claw and Truly both come in 12-ounce cans — it has a comparable amount of alcohol at 4% ABV.

Come early February, you can start looking for Barefoot Hard Seltzer as the beverage will be available at retailers nationwide. According to a statement from Barefoot, single cans will go for $1.99, 4-packs will run about $7.99, and a variety 12-pack featuring all four flavors will cost $19.99. That’s a bit more expensive than your $14 12-pack of White Claw, but perhaps the taste will be worth the extra buck or two.

Barefoot Wine

To call the current era Peak Hard Seltzer Times is an understatement — we are more than drenched in spiked seltzer waters. In addition to hard seltzer-centric brands like Truly, White Claw, and BON & VIV, big-name brewers have already thrown a hat into the spiked seltzer ring. In August 2019, Natty Light’s hard seltzer made its way to grocery stores. In November 2019, Bud Light joined the hard seltzer lineup with flavors like black cherry, lemon lime, strawberry, and mango. Even Four Loko came out with a hard seltzer kicking down the 4 to 5% ABV levels of its seltzer forefathers with a buck wild 14% ABV seltzer. But did we expect anything else from Sir Loko?

In early January 2020, Truly introduced a hard lemonade to its lineup posing the question, “Is hard lemonade the inevitable usurper of hard seltzer?” Only time and our taste buds will tell.

Regardless, Barefoot is hoping you aren’t quite over your hard seltzer phase just yet. “At Barefoot, we are passionate about creating products that meet the various lifestyles and tastes of our diverse consumer base,” Anna Bell, Vice President of Marketing at Barefoot, said in an emailed press release. “With Barefoot Hard Seltzer, we wanted to create a delicious and light-bodied, wine-based hard seltzer that can be enjoyed at home, on the go, or with family and friends.”

Its four fruity flavors will certainly bring a little bit of necessary springtime to an otherwise dreary winter. I will gladly raise a glass of Peach & Nectarine Hard Seltzer to that.