Beauty Bakerie's Iconic Flour Powder Is Getting A Shade Expansion

Beauty Bakerie/Instagram

When it comes to indie beauty brands, there are some names that are getting more and more recognizable, and one of them is Beauty Bakerie. The bakery-themed line of makeup has some of the cutest packaged products on the market, and now the Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder is getting a shade expansion making not just cute but even more inclusive.

If you haven't heard of Beauty Bakerie before, get ready. This smaller beauty brand is growing, and there are good reasons. The black-owned beauty brand's founder, Cashmere Nicole, created Beauty Bakerie when she was facing both single parenthood and a breast cancer diagnosis. Nothing, however, slowed down Nicole whose mantra is "Better not bitter." Her brand has found fans in popular YouTube gurus like Jackie Aina, and in October 2018 had a major milestone.

Last year, Beauty Bakerie made its way into brick and mortar Ulta stores. The beauty retailer had previously been available to shop online, but on October, the select options from the dessert-themed brand hit shelves in 350 Ulta locations.

Now, there could just be more goods heading to those stores thanks to the brand's Flour Setting Powder shade expansion which is well on its way according to the brand's Instagram.

On April 10, Beauty Bakerie took to its social media accounts to announce that two brand new shades would be joining the Flour Powder family. Currently, the setting powder comes in four different shades: Cassava (yellow), Oat (translucent), Cacao (brown), and Flour (pink). According to the post, those shades are being joined by two more in Almond, which is a chestnut hue, and rice, which is a true white. See the bakery theme there?

As for when the shades will be available, Bustle reached out to the brand for comment, and while no specific date was given, fans can expect to see the powders launch some time in May.

As for the price, that doesn't seem likely to change. Typically, when a brand introduces a shade expansion, it's not a reason to raise the price. Take Fenty Beauty for example. When the Rihanna helmed brand introduced 10 new foundation shades into the range, the price stayed the same. The same can be said of Beauty Blender and the introduction of new shades into their Bounce Foundation. It seems highly unlikely that Beauty Bakerie's $24 price tag will change with the addition of the two new powders.

As for why you should invest in the brand's powder? Well, there are multiple perks to the product. The first, and potentially most important to some shoppers, is that the Flour Setting Powder is both cruelty-free and vegan as well as free of parabens and gluten. Then, there's the fact that popular guru Jackie Aina loves the product and is even featured on the brand's website. The product itself can help to reduce redness, blur imperfections on the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds pretty great, right?

If you want to shop Beauty Bakerie's Flour Setting Powder, four shades are available now on the brand's website, but don't worry if that the brand doesn't have your shade right now. Come May, it will.