Becca Tilley’s Photo With Her ‘Bachelor’ Friends Shows She’s The Best Fifth Wheel Ever

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The premise of The Bachelor is to find love, but unfortunately that doesn't happen for everyone who goes on the show. The more likely scenario is finding a BFF. Just ask Becca Tilley who shared a fifth wheel photo of herself with Bachelor couples JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers and Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon.

Becca has the Bachelor franchise to thank for these friendships and the others have romances thanks to the reality TV dating show. JoJo got engaged to Jordan on her own season of The Bachelorette back in 2016. After years of confusion and friendship, Bachelor in Paradise alums Ashley and Jared finally announced their official relationship in May 2018.

Where does Becca fit in the picture? As the super supportive fifth wheel, of course. Just in case anyone needs a refresher in Bachelor history: Becca met Ashley when they were both contestants on The Bachelor Season 19, vying for roses from Chris Soules. Becca and JoJo became close friends on The Bachelor Season 20 while they were both trying to date Ben Higgins. Those both sound like strange scenarios in which to make close friends, but that's just how it goes on The Bachelor.

In a February 23 interview with Bustle, Becca discussed her Bachelor friendships. She said, "JoJo is one of my closest friends. I'm really close with Ashley, Amanda [Stanton], Lauren [Bushnell]. I was very fortunate that both seasons I went on, there were so many great girls." With that said, this photo shouldn't be at all surprising. Of course Becca would want to get along with and hang out with her close friends' boyfriends, who she's also friends with herself.

This is not the first time that Becca has been an encouraging third wheel (fifth wheel in this case) for her Bachelor friends. In 2016, Becca, JoJo, and Jordan had coordinating Halloween costumes. Why would JoJo plan a Halloween costume with her boyfriend when she could plan a Halloween costume with her boyfriend and her best friend? That's truly the best of both worlds. Plus, they really went all out with their senior citizen costumes. If it wasn't for the Instagram tags, it would be tough to recognize the Bachelor franchise alums.

At the time, Becca joked about the third wheeling with this caption: "They have each other for support while I just have this cane. #thankfulformycane #thirdwheel #needafourthwheel #someonebemywheel #jesustakethewheel."

In May 2018, Ashley and Jared announced their status change from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend with several social media posts and a 44-minute, tear-inducing YouTube video explaining their love story, but they weren't the only ones to commemorate their official relationship on social media. Becca shared her own post dedicated to Ashley and Jared's romance.

She posted a photo of the Bachelor in Paradise couple smiling and lovingly gazing into each other's eyes, while Becca herself glanced at the couple with a loving look of her own. Zero jealousy here. Becca is all about supporting her friends' relationships and she even has a sense of humor about it. In the caption, she joked, "Do you ever just.......@ashley_iaconetti @jaredhaibon."

Those third wheel posts aren't the only hilarious posts Becca has shared about the single life. She has always had a great sense of humor when it comes to dating. Becca shared a photo of herself with Chris and Ben — the two Bachelors who she "dated" on the show — with the caption, "Well.... 0 for 2."

Becca did not find love on her two seasons of The Bachelor, but she did find love within the Bachelor franchise on her own and away from the reality TV cameras. In 2016, Becca started dating longtime friend and The Bachelorettte alum Robert Graham. The news of their split broke in May 2017, with neither of them officially commenting at that time.

Unlike some of the on-screen Bachelor breakups, this one didn't seem to have a super dramatic ending. In September 2017, Becca discussed the breakup with Us Weekly. "It just ended," she said. "It wasn’t like one of us cheated or there was this bitterness." The social media trendsetter added, "I still care a lot about him and there’s no hard feelings. Hopefully on either side, but I can say that for me."

Becca also shared, "The reason that Robert and I aren’t together is because I felt like I was really busy with work and traveling a lot so it wasn’t a sense of like, ‘Oh, I want to be free and date as many guys as possible.’ It was more of me just wanting to take this time for myself and focus on me and what I’m doing."

And Becca is doing a whole lot these days. She has her own website, several social media campaigns, and she's busy being the most supportive friend (and occasional fifth wheel) that she can be.