Bekah From 'The Bachelor' Looks Totally Unrecognizable With Electric Blue Hair

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Hair history was made on The Bachelor this season — and it's not bachelor Arie Luyendyk's grey locks. The contestant in question is the pixie-cut-having Bekah. But, as it turns out, she's actually kind of a hair chameleon. Bekah had blue hair at one point, and she seems to think her current look is definitely an improvement over her previous hair hue.

It seems as though Bekah has certainly noticed all of the fanfare regarding her 'do. Who could blame fans for being fascinated, though? She basically looks good with any and every hairstyle. She's rocked blonde and pink hues, and gone for a cool retro vibe with a curled bob. Now, fans can add another color change to Bekah's hair history — but she doesn't seem to be too proud of it.

In an Instagram story, Bekah revealed that she rocked blue hair in the past — and she now hates the look. In fact, she calls herself a "troll," writing "I had blue hair once and looked like a troll 80% of the time, so the current situation is an upgrade." Ouch.

Whether upgrade or not, the darkly rooted blue look really isn't that bad. Plus, blue is projected to be a trending hair color in 2018.

Scrolling back through Bekah's Instagram, you'll find that she's had both dark and lighter iterations of blue hair, but it didn't seem to last very long.

The color doesn't look bad, though.

Not really "troll" status, honestly.

It seems Bekah simply let the color grow out naturally over time giving her a bit of a blue-grey ombre effect that eventually turned silver.

The silver 'do is definitely great on the Bachelor contestant. She can really rock any hair color or style.

Ultimately, though, she mixed things up again going pink.

Then came that signature pixie cut. Clearly, Bekah isn't afraid of changing up her hair — and there's a long history of it.

While her hair may seem like a silly things for focus on, couldn't it show just a bit of fearlessness? If you've ever watched an old season of America's Next Top Model, you've seen women break down after getting their hair chopped off or dyed a wild color (and you probably loved it). Bekah, however, doesn't exactly seem afraid of a wild change and, considering that her life has now been plunged into the public eye on a mega-popular reality dating show, that's probably a good thing.

With all of her hair changes, Bekah fans may want to keep their fingers crossed that no accusations of "glam shaming" start being thrown around. If you're not caught up on Week 4, that reference may be obscure, but essentially, a contestant accused another of shaming her for brushing her hair, and it was all downhill from there (but actually kind of up hill for the viewers, to be honest).

Of course, for now, Bekah's changing hair is on the back burner of the Bachelor — and her age is at the center of attention. During this week's show, she revealed her age (22) to Luyendyk and caused quite the conversation between the women of the house who wondered how their bachelor would feel. Hint: He didn't handle it well.

As for the internet's take, fans are split over Bekah.

Fans of the show will just have to wait and see how things play out for Arie and Bekah. For now, they can continue formulating theories about future Mrs. Arie, who will be the next Bachelorette, and who is going to show up on Bachelor in Paradise.

Honestly, though, the real question is what will Bekah do with her hair if she and Arie break up? Fingers crossed for purple.