Billie Lourd Celebrates Her Mom On Instagram

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the weeks since the passing of her mom Carrie Fisher, Billie Lourd has used her Instagram to celebrate the time they spent together. Most often, it's by sharing throwback photos of her as a little girl with her mother. Photos that give fans a sense of the women most of us called Princess Leia, but she called mom. Well, to be more accurate, Lourd called Fisher "momby." The latest was of a young Lourd sitting on her mom's lap as they relaxed in the backseat of a black stretch limo. While a sunglass-wearing Fisher is peeking out of the car, looking directly at the camera, Lourd stares up at the sky all smiles. In the caption, the Scream Queens star didn't use any words to describe the photo, just an emoji. The smiling face with a halo, to be exact.

It's yet another sweet tribute from Lourd, who is trying to "find the funny" in life. That's the message she posted days after her mom's untimely death, quoting Fisher's 2009 memoir Wishful Drinking. "If my life weren't funny then it would just be true and that is unacceptable," Fisher wrote back then.

It has now appeared to become Lourd's personal mantra. "Finding the funny might take a while," she wrote on Instagram. "But I learned from the best and her voice will forever be in my head and in my heart" — and on her Instagram.

Look close and you'll notice that Lourd has kept that promise. Since the tragic loss of her mother and then the passing of her grandma Debbie Reynolds, Lourd has posted six photos on the app. Half of them are of her mom. When not posting photos of her mom, though, she's been posting pics with the hashtag #findthefunny. Almost like a not-so-secret tribute to the mom she lost, but who taught her well.

As of now, finding the funny includes having a party for where everyone wears onesies. Lourd and her rumored boyfriend Taylor Lautner chose matching animals onesies for the occasion.

"This group of onesie clad supremely supportive humans (and many others #notpicturedbutinthepicture) are the kings and queens of my world," she wrote.

Finding the funny also has Lourd poising by the bayou. Or, as she preferred to hashtag it, #blaséontheoutsideblessedontheinside. When she's not finding the funny, Lourd is just being funny, coming up with a pet name for Lautner: #baelor.

With each image she's posted, Lourd makes it clear that her mom may be gone, but Fisher won't be forgotten. Neither will her goal to live a humorous life.