'Bach' Alums Caelynn & Dean Are Prepping For Their Next Van Adventure

by Nicole Pomarico

Now that their relationship is public, this Bachelor in Paradise couple is hitting the road. In a new interview with People, Caelynn Miller-Keyes revealed where she and Dean Unglert are traveling to next. The two have been spending a lot of time together post-Mexico, getting to know each other in the real world. And judging by the van adventures that they've both been sharing on Instagram, it seems like their post-BIP relationship is one big adventure.

"It's been great," Caelynn told People. "We're getting to know each other. We're traveling a lot. Traveling the world with someone is a great way to get to know them." Caelynn continued, saying that Dean "brings out the best side" of her and "makes me a better person."

And next on their list? A road trip to Utah in Dean's infamous van, which also happens to serve as his permanent residence (at least for now). “It’s very small, but it’s so fun,” Caelynn said of her occasional home. “We have a mattress on the roof if we want to sleep under the stars. He has a TV, which is basically a mounted iPad! There is no stove or refrigerator but there is a sink and a very small mirror.”

After their Paradise journey came to a close, Caelynn and Dean actually took fans on a tour of the van on Instagram. In a video post, Caelynn showed off the bed and TV area, the sink — that actually comes equipped with running water (when it's hooked up) — and the roof, which Dean joked serves as a bed for him on nights where Caelynn "gets really upset" with him, relegating him to the "couch" for the evening.

After leaving paradise, Dean and Caelynn have been sharing all of their travel adventures on Instagram. They've been to Hawaii and Tulum, Mexico. Though, they've had to keep some of their trips under wraps so as not to spoil Bachelor in Paradise for fans before it aired.

In an Instagram post from Sept. 29, Caelynn shared some photos from their trip to Talum, admitting that she had previously pretended to be in Sayulita, where BiP films. "I guess I can finally post these and stop pretending I was in Sayulita," she wrote in the caption.

Caelynn and Dean got off to a rocky start in paradise. Caelynn was looking for a relationship, while Dean didn't want anything serious, and he ended up leaving the show so he wouldn't continue to lead Caelynn on. But later in the season, he came back, asking Caelynn to leave with him. She did, and the rest, it seems, is history.

While talking to E! News earlier this month, Caelynn opened up about her relationship with Dean. She assured fans that she was "very happy," and that being with him has challenged her in different ways by forcing her to leave her comfort zone. "He takes me skydiving and puts me on the back of a motorcycle," she said. "He brings out the adventure side of me but also challenges me intellectually as well."

Although it may not have seemed possible at first, BiP really did lead to a happy ending for this couple — or at least, a whole lot of travel.