Bonnie’s Meeting With Her Sister Won’t End Well On ‘HTGAWM’

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Bonnie Winterbottom is finally getting her due on How To Get Away With Murder. After four seasons of being a background player/completely manipulated by Annalise Keating, she seems to be the key to unraveling most of the mysteries in Season 5, namely who is the dead person at Connor and Oliver's wedding. Well, it's Bonnie and one more person. Bonnie found her sister on How To Get Away With Murder, and now both Winterbottom women could be the source the show needs in order to break Gabriel, Frank, and the dead body wide open.

There are a few balls in the air right now — Bonnie had a baby when she was 15, and her parents told her that it, a son, died. Turns out, that baby could be alive because it was never dead! Also, this student named Gabriel Maddox just showed up out of nowhere and he has a duffel bag he hides in a chimney and a burner phone that lists Annalise as "her." There's a strong assumption by the general public that he could be Bonnie's son. The cherry on top of the mystery sundae takes place in a fast-forward, because Oliver and Connor got married, but somebody was murdered at the wedding. Golly.

Now, Bonnie and Julie, who is a year older than Bonnie, could be at the center of these mysteries because of that baby. Frank found out that Bonnie's son was given up for adoption and stolen back by Julie. The status of the baby then went from "accounted for" to "unknown."

Bonnie, whose usual means of coping was stomping around and screaming, is actually feeling the emotions of this big reveal — she had no idea that her son could be alive, and she had no idea that Julie was the reason why. And so Bonnie opted to track Julie down and show up at the door. The preview for the Nov. 2 episode of How To Get Away With Murder shows a huge confessional between the sisters, and I'm thinking that some heavy-duty secrets will be revealed. Julie says something about protecting Bonnie, and let's hope that doesn't involve murder. There are too many murders on this show.

Julie could know where Bonnie's son ended up, and thusly, she would know if Gabriel Maddox is in the family tree. It's bizarre that he should show up as a second year and decide he needed to be around Annalise and her Keating 4, but if he were looking for Bonnie, it would make more sense. This would also lend credence to Frank's incessant tracking of Gabriel, and Nate would learn some info for all the research he's been doing about Bonnie and her past.

And that whole dead body thing? Well, Bonnie and Julie definitely both seem like the type to kill in order to keep a secret, and what better venue to commit a homicide than the wedding of two of your closest friends and co-conspirators? Bonnie, as viewers saw, was the one to close the murdered member's eyes, and she had plenty of blood on her, so she was definitely close to the victim. Heck, the victim could be Julie! There's so much we don't know on Season 5 of How To Get Away With Murder, but a conversation between Julie and Bonnie may be the key to some of the mysteries.