You Can Get Paid By Bumble To Travel The World & Date For A Year

Ashley Batz for Bustle

Looking for your dream job? Well, a dream job might look a little different for everyone, but if you love travel, dating, and social media then you might want to turn to Bumble, the popular female-led dating app. You can now have an actual job traveling for Bumble, because the company has announced they are looking for a Global Connector Bee — which is definitely not a made up job title. This person would basically be hired to use the various Bumble apps while traveling and share their research and experience. That means dating, connecting with friends and professionals around the world, and basically being a social butterfly... I mean bee. Definitely a bee. A Global Connector Bee.

There is of, course, some actual work involved. All expenses will be paid for up to a year, while the Global Connector Bee shares their experiences — and their research — through blog/vlog posts, social media, and more. Most of your content will come from Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. Creating editorial content, giving feedback — it's definitely a real job, but a job based around dating, making friends, and networking all over the world. Not too shabby at all.

“We are a global company on a mission to connect great people in a kind and empowering way,” Chelsea Maclin, Vice President of Marketing at Bumble, said in a press release. “As our company and community of users continues to grow, it’s so important for us to advance our on-the-ground research about the global dating culture so we can optimize our product offerings for new communities and future generations."

If this sounds right up your street, you can apply through June 15 right on the Bumble app if you're 18 or older.

While a lot of us are juggling gigs and side hustles (also known as SECOND JOBS), there's no denying that there are some pretty amazing dream jobs flying around out there, if you get lucky. From a job that lets you live on a Greek island and take care of cats — seriously — to a job that allows you to just watch TV for year, there are some pretty niche careers available. Occasionally jobs come up as chocolate tasters, which sounds like my personal dream. Or, if you're a little techier, then you may want to look at Twitter's new role as — wait for it — Tweeter In Chief. I know, it may sound like a nickname for Donald Trump, but it's also a real job that involves "writing the Tweets for @Twitter, setting the editorial direction and leading a team of incredible community managers". Not quite as fun as pretending to be Trump, but a real job nonetheless.

A dream job definitely means different things to different people. Mine would involve something to do with chocolate tasting, Game of Thrones watching, and probably masturbating. But maybe for you, it's something that involves travel, being social, using social media, and not masturbating — everyone is different. But if you're a social little butterfly — I mean, bee — if you're a social little bee, then the Global Connector Bee position might just be the right one for you. So get on the app and apply by June 15th.