Callie's Bar Exam Results On 'Good Trouble' Might Be The Best Thing To Happen To Her Yet

Eric McCandless/Freeform

Spoilers ahead for Good Trouble. Just when you think that Callie could morphing out of her self-destructive ways, we have another example of why being in your twenties is so, so hard. Callie doesn't know who she is — that's for certain. Couple that with a big old dose of "doesn't like authority," and you have a little something that's ripe for disaster. Now, Callie failed her bar exam on Good Trouble and it could lead to yet another major career change.

Callie's always been idealistic, but it was the "not guilty" verdicts at Jamal Thompson's murder trial that really sent her over the edge, and caused her to finally quit her job. Callie is interviewing for jobs at the American Civil Liberties Union and other organizations designed to hit injustice head-on. And she would've been perfect for any of the gigs and that $1,600 suit — if she passed the bar exam, which she did not.

Callie's funemployment stage begins, uh, now, and hopefully, it will give her some moments to reflect on herself and the work she has to do. Typically, it's just the passage of time that brings things into perspective. But it takes time to grow up. Callie is smart, but she's so emboldened by her emotions that everything is a fire. Everything deserves a reaction. And while it was incredibly badass of her to quit her job based on her principles, it's her hubris that made her think that she would pass the bar on the first try, get an amazing new job, and become Callie the Crusader, saving lives one civil liberties case at a time.

It is admirable, of course. But it's not smart, especially since viewers have basically never seen her study.

Eric McCandless/Freeform

What Callie could do is call on Freeform's other show The Bold Type for a lesson in cause and effect. When Kat was racially profiled while canvassing in her neighborhood, her first inclination was to post online the video of the woman that was harassing her. But, after taking a beat, she realized that action would take away from the bigger picture, from the ways in which she could help. Kat realized she needed to distance herself from her tendency for incendiary reactions, and that's what Callie needs to do here. Callie was right to follow her dreams. But she was wrong not to have a plan to do it.

Right now, Callie is crying in Jamie's arms not because she loves him, but because he is there and someone she can cry on. Gael won't have anything to do with her right now because he doesn't want a fling and knows that she uses him to unload her emotions, which isn't fair. Jamie is in love with Callie, and he wants the best for her. But does Callie really want the best for herself? She just can't stop sabotaging her own plans.

Right now, she's all about being reactive when really, she should be proactive. Callie's first mistake was hitting the eject button too soon — hopefully, now, she'll have a chance to think about what she's done. And fix it. The first step would be studying for the bar exam this time.