Get Glossier's Black Tie Set For NYE Glam

A maj holiday remains on the horizon and it's New Year's Eve. Duh!! Hopefully, you increased or replenished your beauty stash over the holidays, given all the gift sets and limited edition offerings from brands like Kat Von D, Too Faced, MAC, Kylie Cosmetics, and more. Glossier's Black Tie Set is limited edition and a huge deal, since it marks the first time the minimalist-but-effective brand created lip gloss, eyeliner, and nail polish. It's also perfect for NYE makeup, as The Black Tie set includes a clear 'n' glassy gloss, a graphite liner, and a pale pink lacquer, along with a new shade of the best-selling, previously existing Haloscope Highlighter.

The Glossier Black Tie set costs $50 and includes a black satin bow that can be repurposed as decor, a hair tie, and any other creative function you can think of. You can buy the makeup products individually. But can you still grab the Glossier Black Tie Set for all your New Year's Eve glam needs?

Yes, you absolutely can!

Glossier even noted in the product description that the set "was made in limited quantities and will only be available through the end of 2016, while supplies last."

The brand didn't make tons of the set, but it appears that even the limited supply is still there for the taking.

But don't delay. This set is so sweet. You can get gorgeous and glam without having to be super dramatic with your makeup. I love that you can get not-too-inky-but-smudged-and-smoky eyes, a subtle glow, a super shiny pout, and statement, powder pink nails. You don't need to pile on product to look glam and this set proves that fact.

Swipe and go! You can grab any of the items a la carte, but I think they are better as a unit. You also save some cash buy grabbing the whole set. Plus, all the elements are super wearable.

You can draw amazing lines for your eyes with this baby.

Because pink AF nails are always pretty.

A subtle glow is always a "go" and a "do." This baby lets you have sheen and look lit-from-within, without looking radioactive.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (6)