Cardi B Just Proved She's A Bigger Beyoncé Fan Than You With These New Lyrics

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; _Terr4ence/Twitter

While you may have been holding out for Beyoncé to appear on Cardi B's debut album when it was released on April 6, it just wasn't meant to be. Yet Queen Bey showed up in a different way, since Cardi B's lyrics about Beyoncé on Invasion of Privacy are plentiful. Unlike many celebrities, Cardi B is down-to-earth and doesn't hide her excitement for life and her skyrocketing career. So even with her massive success, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper manages to be relatable. And just like the rest of the world, Cardi B is a fan of Beyoncé and she's not ashamed to make that incredibly clear since Beyoncé is referenced on Cardi B's album multiple times. And Twitter is delighted by the shoutouts.

Besides Beyoncé, iHeartRadio noted there are plenty of references to other celebrities on Invasion of Privacy. But Cardi B does specifically rap about a number of female musicians, like Tina Turner on "Drip" feat. Migos, TLC on "Be Careful," and Rihanna on "She Bad." So, of course, Beyoncé is among those groundbreaking female artists. And it seems like Beyoncé received the most shoutouts with there being four references to her throughout the 13-track Invasion of Privacy. With the album clocking in at 48 minutes, that's a Beyoncé mention every 12 minutes.

Before Invasion of Privacy was released, Billboard reported that there were rumors of a Beyoncé and Cardi B collaboration. And even though Cardi B was new to the music charts in 2017, that wouldn't have been completely shocking since she tied Beyoncé's record of having four top-10 hits on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. As Billboard reported, they are the only two female artists able to make this claim — and it didn't happen for Beyoncé until nearly 20 years in the music industry when her 2016 album Lemonade came out.

So one day, Beyoncé may lend her talents to one of Cardi B's songs. And based on these four references on Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B would more than happy to work with Bey.

"Pep Talk From Yoncé"

Technically, the first direct reference to Queen Bey on the album comes from Chance the Rapper on the song "Best Life." He sings, "Reach like 'Bron James, pep talk from Yoncé," which could be a reference to when Beyoncé crashed Chance the Rapper's interview at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

"I Took Pictures With Beyoncé"

The chorus on "Best Life" is, "I'm living my best life" — and as if you didn't know this, hanging out with Beyoncé helps people to live their best lives. "I took pictures with Beyoncé, I met Mama Knowles," Cardi B raps on the song. This most likely is a reference to when Cardi B took a photo with Beyoncé at JAY-Z's Made in America Festival in Philadelphia in September 2017, which the rapper excitedly shared on Instagram. And even though it wasn't documented on social media, Entertainment Tonight reported that Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles, was also at the festival, so perhaps Cardi B met her then.

"You Look Like Beyoncé"

Beyoncé gets elevated to chorus status on "Money Bag" with the lyric, "With them pretty ass twins, you look like Beyoncé." And one fan on Twitter suggested that Beyoncé will include this Cardi B song in a dance break during the upcoming On The Run II Tour.

"Beyoncé On My Stereo"

On the penultimate track of Invasion of Privacy, "Thru Your Phone," Cardi B covers cheating and heartbreak. "Beyoncé on my stereo, 'Resentment' on repeat," she raps, which is a reference to Bey's 2006 song off of B'Day.

Whether it's because of all the Beyoncé references or because of Cardi B's talent, fans on Twitter have been comparing Invasion of Privacy to Lemonade, which in itself is a major accomplishment for Cardi. So while Beyoncé didn't show up on the album, Cardi B incorporated the Queen in her own way. And with both women performing at Coachella in 2018, who knows? A collaboration between them might just be on the horizon.