Cardi B Answered 73 Quick Questions & They Let You In On Her Hopes For Kulture

Baby Kulture can’t be bothered with Vogue. On Tuesday, the outlet published its "73 Questions" segment with Cardi B, and her daughter impressively napped throughout the whole interview. Though the series of rapid fire questions addressed lots of different topics, one in particular revealed the important lesson Cardi hopes to teach her baby daughter.

In the interview, which took place in her grandmother's New York City apartment, Cardi spoke extensively about motherhood and marriage. “I wish for her to be a successful businesswoman,” the rapper said when asked about her hopes for her daughter. “An independent woman, a confident woman.” Along with the newest word Kulture has learned (“'Open, open.' She wants me to open everything”), Cardi also touched on the one lesson she'd teach her daughter. She told Vogue, "Don't worry about what people say, and to dream big and follow it."

Later on, Cardi opened up about her marriage to musician Offset, who serves as one-third of the hip-hop trio Migos. The two wed in a secret ceremony in September 2017 and welcomed daughter Kulture in July 2018. Cardi and Offset split briefly in December 2018, but the two ultimately got back together earlier this year in January.

Elsewhere during the segment, the rapper even FaceTimes her husband. When Offset asks his wife a question (“How much do you love me?”), Cardi replies, in true Cardi form, “I love you bigger than my ass, and my ass is big.” She also revealed the biggest lesson marriage has taught her. “I always feel like I know everything,” Cardi said. “And he taught me that I don’t." She added of marriage, “It’s a unity. It’s not just you."

Cardi, a vocal supporter of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, also revealed the one question she’d ask Donald Trump: “If you don’t love every American citizen, why become president?” In a full circle moment, the rapper concluded the interview with her signature phrase, “OKURR.”