Gary Fisher Has Found A New Home

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Has there ever been a love more true than that of Carrie Fisher and her service dog, Gary Fisher? The handsome French Bulldog went pretty much everywhere with his princess — interviews, the red carpet, trips to London — the duo never seemed to put down their "BFF" flag. So in late December, when Fisher went into cardiac arrest on a plane from London to Los Angeles (with Gary by her side, obvi) and died shortly thereafter, fans wanted to know what would happen to Mr. Gary Fisher. For awhile, it seemed Gary was going to be hanging out with his original owner and Carrie Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd. But now, People reports that Gary Fisher has found a new home with someone he loves. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but that is precisely the sort of good news I need today.

TMZ broke the news Tuesday, March 28 that Fisher's assistant Corby McCoin took Gary soon after Fisher's death. The publication also pointed out that that since Corby was a fixture in Carrie's life, it would only make sense for McCoin to take on custody of the brindle pup. McCoin can be spotted in a few Instagram posts with Gary and definitely seems to be considered part of the Frenchie's family.

While it would be nice for fans of Gary's viral Instagram to get constant updates of Gary that include his doggy cousin, Lourd's french bull dog, Tina, this decision is probably be for the best. Gary is used to living a life where he spent every waking moment with his dog mama and by extension Corby McCoin, so the ideal replacement for him would most likely be a space where he can get the same sort of attention. Besides, he just lost the most important human in his life, and will most likely require extra loving after such a loss.

I'm happy that the dog with the cutest tongue in town is settled after the traumatic loss of his life partner. In a world full of pain and suffering, it's nice to know that at least somebody (or some doggy) is living it up. My only request is that we get more Gary Fisher Instagram posts stat. The people deserve to know what's going on with our favorite celebrity pup!