CBS' 'Mom' Donates To Planned Parenthood, Instead Of An Emmys Campaign, In A Total Boss Move

Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Instead of pouring into its 2018 Emmys campaign, the team behind CBS' Mom made a hefty donation to Planned Parenthood — hefty, as in $250,000. And it was a total boss move to make. That moment when the cast and crew of one of your favorite sitcoms break the internet for doing something positive? Yeah, that just happened, and I'm wearing the "fandom" badge of honor with pride right now.

According to Entertainment Weekly, star Allison Janney and the show's creator Chuck Lorre announced the details surrounding the show's contribution on Thursday. Lorre revealed to CBS This Morning that the thought came to fruition during a discussion about the show's upcoming Emmy campaign, saying: "I blurted out, 'Let's give the money to Planned Parenthood.' And they took me seriously." I know — I can't believe it was just that simple either.

Janney also said that the show donating to this particular nonprofit made a lot of sense because Mom is woman-centric. "And we don't shy away from issues that affect women and families," she added, according to The Hollywood Reporter. They're hoping that their gesture will inspire others to lend support to the reproductive health non-profit, too. And if you feel so inclined, you can join in by visiting Planned Parenthood's site.

The news about this major gift couldn't have come at a better time, considering that, if passed by the by the U.S. Senate and president himself, Trump's American Health Care Act could block federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood.

Oh, and don't worry, this move wasn't a diss to the awards show. I mean, who wouldn't want to be in the running for an Emmy? Lorre later explained his stance on behalf of the philanthropic cast and crew of Mom. According to THR, he said, "It's not a statement about the Emmys, we'd love to be included, but it just seemed like such a better way to put that money to work."

Mom deciding to use its funds in this way probably won't hurt the show's chances either, considering Janney has won two Emmys for her role of Bonnie on the series thus far. With anticipation surrounding its fifth season growing, you can bet that Mom is on the track to pick up quite a bit of recognition from its peers.


They just selflessly introduced a whole new level of "putting your money where your mouth is" to the masses. And I can't wait to see who else will follow suit.