Channing Tatum Tells His Daughter He Ate All Her Candy & She Has The Perfect Response

Some may say it's easy to take candy from a baby. Magic Mike, however, might not be one of those people. For the last several Halloweens, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live has asked people to tell their kids they cleared out their trick-or-treat haul and record the moment. Tradition is tradition, so when Channing Tatum filled in for Jimmy Kimmel the day after All Hallows’ Eve, he knew what he was supposed to do. Reluctantly, Tatum pulled the Halloween candy prank on his own daughter. And as he quickly learned, it wasn't so easy. Sure, he did manage to steal the contents of the trick-or-treat bucket without issue, and yes, that part of the plan was simple. However, the aftermath is when things took a guilt-ridden turn.

After dancing his way through the episode's intro, the Magic Mike star took a seat at Kimmel’s desk and shared his attempt at carrying out the late-night show host’s annual Halloween bit. In a video taken by his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum, Tatum told his daughter Everly that he ate all of the candy she collected while trick-or-treating. Predictably, this joke didn’t go over too well: After learning her candy’s (fake) fate, Everly immediately crawled over to her mom and cried on her legs. Aside from the moment when he said he "just got so hungry," Tatum seemed to take no joy in telling Everly that he’d devoured every last individually wrapped confection, but again, tradition is tradition.

For tens of seconds, Tatum let Everly believe her dad really went and bogarted all of her candy. But then, the guilt apparently started to eat away at him. Before the ruse got to be too much, he let his weeping daughter know he was kidding. And that’s when Everly absolutely roasted him. Once she saw that her candy stash was still intact, she said, “That’s not funny.”

When the show cut back to Tatum at Kimmel's desk, he said, “You’re right. That really was not funny. I’m so sorry, baby. I hope you forgive me someday for that.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live candy prank aside, the Tatum family seemed to have a delightful Halloween. Per their daughter's request, the Step Up co-stars dressed up like Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And they really, really brought it.

The body paint, the skeleton hand gloves, the mask, the platform boots — all of it is perfect. And wow, Tatum's sneakers weren't an obvious pick for the dress shoe-wearing, Christmas-obsessed skeleton, but they really did tie the look together. The high-tops truly were an inspired choice.

Dewan Tatum and Tatum weren’t the only celebrities to send their kid on an candy-coated emotional roller-coaster the day after Halloween this year. P!nk shared that she and husband Carey Hart attempted to prank their daughter, Willow. However, Willow would not be bested by the candy stunt.

Kimmel also sent a video to the show. In the clip, the show's host told his daughter, Jane, that he and his wife had eaten everything — even an eyeball-shaped container of bubbles. Well, almost everything: A single roll of Smarties remained. Justifiably, the revelation that her parents had apparently consumed a thing of inedible bubbles didn't sit well with her.

And because watching Tatum dance legitimately never gets old, here’s the fantastic opening number from Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. It doesn’t have anything to do with Halloween, trick-or-treat loot, or pranks, but Tatum does do some choreo to C+C Music Factory classic “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," so why wouldn't you want to put this in your eyeballs immediately?

No tricks here, it's a real treat.