Twitter Couldn't Get Over *This* Chris Harrison One-Liner During The Latest 'Bachelor'

ABC/Eric McCandless; MattMiller8110/Twitter

Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor is still not over. They're really dragging this thing out, aren't they? Thankfully, host Chris Harrison is not one to mince words. On the March 11 episode, Chris Harrison wondered if Cassie is" just not that into" Colton, and fans couldn't help tweeting about it. To briefly recap, Colton jumped a fence and tried to end his own season. Then, he dumped a couple of girls who were "in love" with him, all because he wanted to be with Cassie, who left him (and the show) because she "just couldn't get there."

Cassie said she "loved" Colton, but emphasized that she wasn't actually "in love with him" so many times. Still, Colton broke up with Tayshia and he even dumped Hannah G. without giving her an overnight date — all so he could pursue a relationship with Cassie. Before he did that, though, Chris tried to knock some sense into Colton, because no one wants to see the Bachelor end up without a final rose recipient at the end of his own season.

Colton was so insistent that Cassie loved him and that their love was worth fighting for, but the host just wasn't so sure. He hit Colton with a tough question: "What if she just isn't that into you?" Is Chris a psychic? Months in advance, he already knew what the fandom would be thinking during these last few episodes.

Colton wasn't having it. He's convinced that he will be with Cassie forever, even though she emphasized (yet again) in a voice-over narration while she packed that she just can't get to that point with Colton. While Colton wasn't picking up what Chris was laying down, Twitter users sure were.


Chris Kept It Real

How many chances did Colton give her? He even went back on his desire to get engaged just so he could be with the "right" person. Going for Cassie after all this is a major risk. Thankfully, Chris was there to remind Colton of this.


Colton Just Doesn't See It

Let's hope Colton is right and Cassie really can get on the same page. However, Chris echoed plenty of people's sentiments: the cast members, the fans, and even Cassie's own dad.


Chris Came Through With A Great One-Liner

Fans don't get to see enough of Chris, but when he's there, he really does show up. Once again, he killed it with the realness.


Chris Said What Fans Were Thinking

Again, (most) fans are hoping for Colton to end up with the right person, but even so, he does have to consider the possibility that she might not be at his level of commitment.


Viewers Have Felt This Way For A While

It wasn't just the last week. The mismatch in feelings between Colton and Cassie has been apparent for a while. Hopefully, that's just some tricky editing.


Has Colton Seen The Movie 'He's Just Not That Into You'?

Maybe Colton needs to watch the movie He's Just Not That Into You. He might get some valuable insight. Just saying.


Chris Was Not Playing Around

Chris really came through with the hard-hitting questions.


Colton Insists Cassie Is In Love

Colton said he was in love with Cassie many times over, but she could not say it back. Nevertheless, he still believes that Cassie is the one. Is Colton right? Or does he need to consider the possibility that Chris presented?


Chris Really Went In

Former Bachelorette lead Kaitlyn Bristowe always tells it like it is, and even she couldn't help pointing out that Chris really went in with that remark.


Chris Had *The* Line Of The Episode

No one can get over this remark from Chris. Well, almost everyone because Colton can. It didn't seem like it phased the Bachelor at all.


Is This His Best Line Yet?

This just might be the best Chris Harrison moment yet, but there's still another finale episode left to go. Plus, part of it is live.

Will Chris have another viral moment? Will Cassie come through for Colton? And most importantly, is it time for the finale yet?