Here's How Colton Broke Up With Tayshia On 'The Bachelor

Josh Vertucci/ABC

This season of The Bachelor has been pretty tough in terms of breakups, but none were more awkward than Tayshia and Colton, mostly because Tayshia thought that Colton was the one and he... did not. At all! Tayshia made it to the Fantasy Suite week of Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, but it just wasn't enough. Why did Tayshia go home on The Bachelor? She's honestly better off without someone who doesn't love her back, even if how it went down was pretty brutal.

Things were going great with Tayshia and Colton until after their fantasy suite date, because Colton had a date with Cassie, who panicked about their fledgling relationship and bailed on our favorite virgin Bachelor. He told Cassie that he loved her and wanted her at the end of this, and when she didn't acquiesce or change her mind, he scaled an eight-foot fence and ran off, crying, into the Portuguese wilderness. Poor guy.

But poorer still was Tayshia, who thought she and Colton had an amazing time on their date and didn't know this was happening, and Hannah G., who didn't even get a fantasy suite date before Cassie's departure. In any case, Tayshia was in a blissful bubble without knowing any of the craziness that happened between Colton, Cassie, and Chris Harrison, but her world was about to get rocked.

When the Bachelor comes to your door unannounced, you know that it's not good. You could see it in Tayshia's face when Colton popped up to her hotel room in Portugal. Long story short, Colton was all, "I'm in love with Cassie" and Tayshia was all, "Can we talk off camera," which, no, girl, you signed up to do all of this stuff on camera! You can't just call it off because you want to. In any case, both Tayshia and Colton cried over the end of the their relationship. It was sad, but it was about the same level of breakup that The Bachelor usually features at this point in time on the show.

What was notable on this season of The Bachelor was that Tayshia got some time on Chris Harrison's couch with Colton, just after rewatching her breakup.

It's obvious that Tayshia has had some time to ponder her split with Colton, because her live meeting with Colton was pretty calm. She admitted right off the bat that she was really "nervous," which, who wouldn't be? But Tayshia also said that watching all the footage back really filled in the gaps as to why she and Colton weren't right for each other (because, uh, he is in love with Cassie), and that she's so grateful for the experience of being on The Bachelor because it made her grow as a person. Colton also looked like he felt bad about hurting her but ultimately said that he "didn't regret" any of the decisions he made on his season. Tayshia nodded in agreement and wished him well.

It may sound like lip service, but Tayshia has evolved, thanks to The Bachelor to the point where she knows what she wants and what she deserves. Colton and the show helped her with that, and Tayshia now has renewed hope in finding real, everlasting love — hopefully, this time not on TV. But hey — there's always Bachelor In Paradise if it doesn't work out.