Chris Harrison Reacted To Ashley I. & Jared’s Engagement News In The BEST Way

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After seasons of Bachelor in Paradise drama, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon finally became an official couple and now they're engaged. Their fans are overjoyed, but what does Chris Harrison think of Ashley I. and Jared's engagement? Of course, he's on board.

In a new video interview with People, the Bachelor in Paradise host joked, "God, dang, that took me a long time. You just gotta be patient. I will deliver eventually... not always on time." This romance actually blossomed away from the reality TV cameras, so Harrison did not have an official role in its development, but he was somewhat involved. Or at the very least, the beloved host was very much in the know about what was going on before the public found out about Ashley and Jared's relationship.

During that same interview with People, Harrison revealed, "I've talked to her for quite some time. I knew that this has been under wraps and under the radar for quite some time. I'm sure some of you guys did too in the tabloids, but I couldn't be happier." He's not the only one who feels this way. Plenty of Bachelor alums have shared their excitement over the BIP engagement news.

Unfortunately, Ashley's time on Bachelor in Paradise is marked by her signature crying face — until Season 5 when she gets engaged Jared, obviously. With that said, Harrison joked about the possibility of Ashley crying, yet again. He said, "I hope they make it down the aisle for a lot of reasons because I love them both and they're good friends of mine, but could you imagine the Mount Vesuvius-type meltdown that we would all have to witness if Ashley doesn't make it down the aisle?"

After all that Ashley and Jared have been through over the years, there's just no chance that they won't actually make it down the aisle. Plus, Jared and Ashley are already planning their wedding. She shared a photo from her trip to New York City to try on wedding dresses.

Kidding aside, Harrison emphasized, "In all seriousness, I could not be happier for them. " And then he resumed with the jokes when he said, "They seem to be very much in love and very much on Instagram."

The Bachelor in Paradise host definitely sees their Instagram posts, or at least Ashley I.'s since he does follow her. Harrison doesn't just follow every person who's been on a show in the Bachelor franchise. He only follows 233 people and one of them is Ashley I., but what about Jared? Doesn't he want to see all of the Jared and Ashley I relationship posts? Maybe he's just waiting until they walk down the aisle. Maybe he's just not a big Instagram person.

Even so, Harrison did actually comment on Ashley I.'s first Instagram post debuting Jared as her boyfriend on May 22, 2018. According to an article from Daily Mail, the BIP host commented, "I’m Chris Harrison...and I approve this message." Doesn't everyone? This has been a long time coming.

Harrison concluded, "I think it's really a true sign that you are in love that you are truly Instagram-ing a lot." Based on the host's theory, Ashley I. and Jared are very much in love. They have been keeping their followers updated with plenty of posts ever since they went official with their relationship.