Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's Heroic Kiss Proves Once Again They're Hollywood's Best Couple — VIDEO

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If the term "couple goals" ever makes it into the dictionary, the entry is just going to be a photo of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Rarely does a day go by that the sweetness of the talented duo's relationship isn't on display, but on Sunday they are taking things up a notch. In a teaser for MTV's special edition of Lip Sync Battle, Teigen and Legend re-create the iconic Spider-Man kiss from the 2002 movie. You know, the one where Spider-Man and Mary Jane share an upside down kiss in the rain.

The best part is Teigen is Spider-Man in this scenario, and according to the preview, it has long been her dream to live out the scene in real life. Thankfully, her husband was happy to make her dream come true. In the clip, Legend runs out from behind the stage to share a passionate kiss with his wife as she dangles upside down from the ceiling dressed as the famed web-slinger. If that's not the definition of romantic, it needs to be revised immediately.

As if the moment needed an added layer of awesomeness, it should be noted that Teigen is the co-host of Lip Sync Battle, and the May 7 episode has a Spider-Man theme. Spider-Man: Homecoming costars Zendaya and Tom Holland are going to be trying to out-sing each other, but no matter how incredible their performances are, they have already been upstaged by Teigen and Legend — who should seriously be in contention to star in a Spider-Woman movie together now.

Zendaya and Holland shouldn't feel bad about the couple stealing their superhero thunder though. There's simply no competing with the sheer adorableness of Teigen and Legend. Whether they are making eyes at one another on the red carpet or sharing birthday wishes, they are the ultimate team. Teigen and Legend aren't just wife and husband, they're parents to the amazing Luna, and clearly BFFs.

Over the years, they've been honest about the work that goes into making their relationship last, and their commitment to keeping things real only makes moments like the Spider-Man kiss all the more special. It's hard not to swoon when Teigen says: "I just wanted to see if it's possible that I live out one of my biggest fantasies," right before Legend makes it happen.

There's no denying that Mary Jane and Spider-Man are an incredible fictional couple, but Teigen and Legend will forever be the definition of real life couple goals.