'Empire's Super Bowl Teaser Holds Plenty Of Clues


Empire has always had a penchant for drama, and that's exactly why fans love the show so much. And the Super Bowl trailer for Empire Season 3 reveals that things are about to get a whole lot more exciting for Cookie and Lucious Lyon. With a lens keenly focused on Taraji P. Henson, the Super Bowl trailer for the hit Fox show shows Cookie with a zillion different hairstyles and brandishing her very own baseball bat. The midseason finale of Empire left the audience with a lot of questions, but luckily, the latest trailer gives more than a few clues about what's going to happen next on the show.

Empire returns from hiatus on March 22, and the show's Super Bowl trailer makes it clear that it'll be worth the wait. From dramatic and incredibly violent showdowns between Cookie and Lucious, to Henson looking like an Orange Is The New Black cast member in an orange jumpsuit, the series has definitely saved some drama for the second half of Season 3. The relationship between Cookie and Lucious is most definitely the focal point of the new trailer, and it looks as though their love story might be about to reignite.

So, what other major clues about Empire Season 3 are in the Super Bowl trailer?

1. Cookie Has A Baseball Bat


Cookie and Lucious have an intense fight.

2. Cookie Really Likes That Bat


Do you think she calls it Lucille, too?

3. Cookie's Prison Time Is Revisited


Definitely Cookie's least glamorous look.

4. Cookie Visits Lucious In The Hospital


And he doesn't look too pleased about it.

5. Cookie Leaves Jail In Style


That outfit though.

6. Lucious & Cookie Can't Stay Away From Each Other


They're like magnets.

7. They Kiss A Lot


Spoiler alert.

8. Does Cookie Smother Lucious?



9. Does Lucious Ruin His Marriage?


His connection to Cookie is just too strong.

Empire returns in March, but until then, you can watch the Super Bowl trailer on repeat and get super excited.