Clues That Corrine Doesn't Win 'The Bachelor'

by Hannah Shapiro

There are so many things to celebrate about a new season of The Bachelor. A new leading man and his gaggle of suitors means new insane group dates, new sweet romantic moments, new cocktail party fashion, and a new season villain. On Nick's Bachelor season, Corinne has been labeled the villain. She's pretty much occupied the majority of the episodes so far with her hilarious confessionals, reveals about her nanny, and discussion of what makes the perfect cheese pasta. However, despite her large presence on the show, I don't see her making it all the way. Here are seven reasons why Corinne doesn't win the Bachelorbecause there's just no way, right?

Corinne is the most featured contestant on this season of the Bachelor so far. She is given so many talking heads that many contestants are left without any edit on the show at all. Not only was #TheBachelor trending during Episode 3, #Corinne was also trending. I am not saying that Corinne can't end up as Nick's wife, stranger things have happened, this is just the argument as to why I don't think she doesn't. Although, that is one wedding special that I would love to see.

1. She Has Other Ambitions

Do not misunderstand me, I think most contestants have multiple reasons for being on the show. But I think Corinne in particular may be in it to promote a career as a model. She was already involved in modeling before the show and seems eager to make a name for herself during her time on the Bachelor. I actually respect using the Bachelor as a platform. Her antics on the show so far has demonstrated an ability and desire to steal the spotlight, perhaps for self-promotion.

2. She Fits The Bachelor Pattern

While there are always exceptions to the rule, Courtney Robertson (Ben's season) and Vienna Girardi (Jake's season), the villain doesn't usually end up taking the final rose. The Bachelor is a soap opera. Narratives are written so that the audience have ladies to root for and potentially ladies to root against. Usually, those cast as a villain character don't end up getting the lead at the end of the show.

3. She's Not Taking It Too Seriously

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Corinne doesn't seem to take the process too seriously. Even Nick Viall has joked on social media about Corinne and her narrative on the show. While it's wonderful to go on The Bachelor and make fun of it by being the ultimate villain, that attitude doesn't usually lead to a TV marriage.

4. Other Women Are Threatening To Leave

A big reason Corinne may not end up with the final rose is that other ladies may get in the way. Already Corinne has been making waves and surfing on those waves into trouble with the other contestants in the house. If enough women threaten to leave, Corinne may not stay long enough to end up with the final rose, because Nick may boot her to keep everyone else happy.

5. She Has Stiff Competition

This season is filled with confident, successful women. While a big personality like Corinne may have completely stole the show on a past season, she is competing with many savvy ladies. Any red flags brought up by her fellow contestants will put her a bit behind and, in such a competitive season, may stop her from winning.

6. The Brunettes Have The Power This Season

This reason is a bit silly but it really seems like the brunettes are taking over Nick's heart. Three episodes in and many of the blondes have been eliminated. I'm not saying hair color is big for Nick, but I'm not saying it isn't either. Let's not forget, both Andi and Kaitlyn had brown hair.

7. Her Behavior May Lead To A Dramatic End

Corinne is absolutely wonderful TV. She is bold, eccentric, inexplicably has a nanny, and even sleeps through rose ceremonies. While this all means plenty of screen time, it may mean a dramatic cut from Nick. We've watched past contestants get left on islands and cliffs, walk out without a word, cry, and scream. I think Nick and the show may want to see what a Corinne exit looks like.

I wish Corinne the best. She is making this season of The Bachelor wildly entertaining. I can't wait to see what she does next. Is this Nick's season or Corinne's? I'm really not sure anymore. But, rest assured, if she doesn't win the season, we will most definitely see her next season on Bachelor In Paradise.