'Bachelor' Stars Colton & Cassie May Get Engaged Sooner Than You Think

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Months after Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph's love story played out on The Bachelor, the couple could be preparing to take the next step in their relationship. As Us Weekly reported, Colton and Cassie may get engaged in the near future. But that wasn't the only detail the publication spilled about the reality TV couple's relationship, including that Cassie may have a slightly different opinion about a possible proposal.

In a Sept. 25 report, a source told Us Weekly that Colton and Cassie could be on the path to an engagement because their relationship is in such a good place at the moment. “Colton is head over heels in love with Cassie,” they said. The insider also pointed out everything the two have bonded over post-Bachelor:

“He feels so blessed to have her in his life and to call his person. He is obsessed with her and loves being with and talking to her every day, even if it’s about silly little things over text message. They have a lot of fun together. Colton has also gotten very close with Cassie’s sister, Michelle, and Michelle’s boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin, as well as a bunch of Cassie’s best friends.”

Even though Colton is ready to get down on one knee and propose (with a Neil Lane sparkler, no doubt), Cassie may not be on the same page... right now, at least. "Colton has talked about proposing to Cassie sometime in the next few months, but he knows that she is not in a rush to get married," the same source told Us Weekly. "She was pretty hesitant about their relationship at first, but she ultimately fell for Colton and now loves him."

Additionally, the source claimed that Cassie, who is 24, may be hesitant about taking the next step with Colton, 29, because she's in a different stage in her life. They said, "At the moment, he definitely has stronger feelings than she does, though. Cassie grew up with very traditional values. The thought of taking the next step in their relationship scares her at times because she is still very young."

This bit of information is reminiscent of Cassie's time on The Bachelor. She was originally hesitant about continuing to date Colton on the show, since she was unsure if she'd be ready to be engaged at the end of their TV journey. At one point, she even said goodbye to the lead, which led to that infamous fence-jumping moment. Ultimately, they made amends and decided to give their relationship a shot outside the Bachelor bubble.

Regardless of whether they actually end up engaged soon, it's clear they're still going strong after the ABC show. Unlike plenty of Bachelor couples before them, Colton and Cassie did not end up engaged at the end of his season. Instead, the pair chose to simply continue to get to know each other after their whirlwind reality TV journey at their own pace.

Following their time on The Bachelor, the couple has enjoyed some relatable date nights, moved closer to one another, and perhaps most interestingly, hung out with some of the former lead's exes. On Sept. 23, Colton and Cassie attended a taping of Dancing with the Stars to support Bachelorette star Hannah Brown, who appeared on his season of The Bachelor. And they weren't alone, as Demi Burnett, Heather Martin, and Katie Morton — who also appeared on his season — also came to support their friend.

While the situation could have been all sorts of awkward, it was anything but, as Colton even joked on Instagram, "I came to support my ex with my other ex’s and my girlfriend. Thanks for the support @chrisbharrison."

Whether or not they get engaged in the near, near future, it seems like Colton and Cassie are indeed on track to take the next step in their relationship. And just as they forged their own path on The Bachelor, you can rest assured that if and when that engagement comes, they'll continue do things in their very own way.