Get Excited For The 'Cruel Intentions' Musical

Columbia Pictures

The deliciously vicious Kathryn Merteuil is making a 2017 comeback after all — just not on NBC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cruel Intentions: The Musical is heading to New York City for a three-night limited run at (Le) Poisson Rouge in Manhattan. While it's not quite the same as having a full-fledged Cruel Intentions TV series to look forward to, the musical version of Kathryn and Sebastian's wicked games is sure to satisfy fans of the 1999 cult classic.

Plans for a Cruel Intentions reboot starring Sarah Michelle Gellar fell through in 2016, leaving many '90s kids disappointed, but a musical is an enticing way to resurrect Cruel Intentions. The performances are coming to NYC just in time to fulfill all your Valentine's Day date dreams, so if you are planning a trip to the city on Feb. 11, 13, or 14, you'll want to book your tickets now. One of the musical's developers, Lindsey Rosin, told THR, "We thought Valentine's Day would be a great time to go to New York and break a couple hearts." (It is definitely going to break more than a couple.)

If all goes well, Rosin and her partner Jordan Ross, hope to bring the musical to NYC full-time in an off-Broadway venue. That means conceivably there is a future out there where you could own the Cruel Intentions: The Musical soundtrack, which is a thing every fan of the movie needs in their lives. Kathryn, Sebastian, and Annette are prone to bursting into songs from the movie's impeccable soundtrack of teenage doomed love, as well as a selection of other pop and rock hits from the '90s and '00s during the show. Basically, it's nostalgia heaven for fans of moody retro rock.

During its initial short run in Los Angeles, Cruel Intentions: The Musical sparked a mini-reunion for the movie's cast including Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Ryan Philippe. Knowing Gellar and company have given the musical their stamp of approval should only want to make you see it even more. If the original cast thinks the musical does the twisted tale of step-sibling rivalry and love justice, then you know it has to be good.

The heartache of not having a Cruel Intentions TV show to look forward to is way too real. However, 2017 is improbably still looking bright for new Cruel Intentions goodness. And hey, if Hollywood sees there is still an appetite for this '90s gem, you can bet it won't be long before someone calls Gellar to reprise her iconic role. In the meantime, there is a musical packed with classic jams and an operatic story of teen love with a villain for the ages just waiting to become your new obsession. Embrace this version of Kathryn and her twisted web of deceit — you know you are going to love to hate her on stage just as much as you did on the big screen.