Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper's Friendship Is The Best

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some may call the friendship between the face of Bravo and the host of Anderson Cooper 360° "odd," "surprising," or "unlikely." I call it "perfect." There have been so many fantastic Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper friendship moments over the years, and I feel lucky to be a part of all of it. And by "be a part of all of it," I mean "look at photos and videos of these moments online." And yes, I've come bearing examples.

Before we get to the snippets of their buddydom, let us revisit the Cohen and Cooper moment that started it all. According to AC^2 legend, Cohen and Cooper were set up on a blind date many years ago. Alas, a love connection did not take place; after an awkward phone call, Cooper and Cohen opted to pull the plug on the date before it could happen. However, the hopeful matchmaker’s efforts were not all for naught: from that rough phone call, a friendship diamond was born.

Whether they’re yukking it up on TV together, going on tour together, taking vacations together, or hanging out with Kelly Ripa together, Cohen and Cooper are always a delightful duo. Their bond is something to aspire to, and their rapport is something to cherish. We should all be so fortunate to have a friend who can tell we're drinking applesauce over the phone, you know?

1. When Andy Appeared On Anderson Live & Reminisced About Their Recent Adventures

Want to hear about their trip to Brazil? Oh, would you also like to hear about Andy’s book release party at Anderson’s house? This’ll treat you right.

2. When Andy Watched Anderson Guest Host Live With Kelly

Supporting his two pals like a true pal would.

3. When Andy & Anderson Took A Selfie With A Ted Drewes Sign

Per Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer’s request.

4. When Gloria Vanderbilt Joined Anderson On Watch What Happens Live

This selfie of Andy, Anderson, and Anderson’s mom is beyond.

5. When Anderson Razzed Andy About His Travel Tracksuit

I gotta say, that tracksuit does look comfortable.

6. When They Took This Photo On A Boat

I want those sunglasses.

7. When Andy & Kelly Surprised Anderson On His Birthday

"Are you eating that baby food you eat?"

8. When They Took This Video On A Train

If I was sitting behind Anderson and Andy on that train? And I happened to overhear them discussing Speidi? I'd probably turn into a ghost. An overjoyed and overwhelmed ghost.

9. When They Took A Selfie At Steak ’n Shake

Wearing their eating goggles, I see.

10. When Anderson Interviewed Andy On WWHL

Andy won’t hand the Clubhouse reins to just anyone.

11. When They Hung Out With The BunnyGate Bunny

I let my mind drift for all of five seconds and wound up imagining the BunnyGate bunny drinking applesauce from a pouch. Not mad about it.

12. And Finally, When Andy Ambushed Anderson With A Hug

If I knew the first thing about making jewelry, I'd turn this moment into a friendship necklace.

Aaaand now I'm imagining the BunnyGate bunny tucking into birthday cake that's flanked by pouches of drinkable applesauce while reading about Speidi. I probably should put on my travel tracksuit and take a nap.