Kylie Jenner's Ring In This New Photo With Baby Stormi Has Fans CONVINCED She's Engaged

by Ashley Rey
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yet again, fans are speculating about whether Kylie Jenner is engaged to Travis Scott. She's been wearing what looks like the same ring on her finger for months, but every time it pops up in a photo, the rumors start again. On Thursday, March 1, Jenner posted a photo with baby Stormi to celebrate her daughter turning one month old. And in the comments section, fans couldn't help but point to her jewelry choice.

It's worth noting that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has not confirmed any engagement rumors, which have been swirling ever since November. The ring first made a cameo in a Snapchat video Jenner posted, where her hand was on the steering wheel, but all eyes were on the rock on her finger. Then, what may actually be a different ring (but on the same ring finger) appeared in Jenner's video announcing Stormi's birth. And alas, a gold band is seen in the photo where the new mom is cradling Stormi, who appears to be wearing some sort of adorable animal-themed onesie.

And despite how cutely Stormi may be dressed, again all eyes go right to Kylie's finger. But until Kylie confirms anything herself, any speculation is purely that — speculation.

A lack of confirmation, however, just made fans yearn for answers that much more. Some onlookers filled the Instagram post with comments like "a ring?" and "issa ring," while others took to Twitter to find out whether the gold accessory was, in fact, a symbol of engagement too.

Whether it's an engagement ring or not, the new mom is already being showered with enough love and presents to make this occasion even more magical. On Feb. 24, Jenner posted a video of her new whip to her Insta Story, a $1.4 million Ferrari, and in the background, she can be heard saying "push present." For those who are unfamiliar, a push present is a gift given to a new mom to congratulate her for giving birth. Typically given by a significant other, celebrities such as Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and even Kim Kardashian have reportedly sported their presents — in the form of diamonds — directly after birthing their children.

It's unclear whether Scott gifted Jenner the Ferrari, or if she purchased it for herself. But one thing's for sure: the new mom will definitely be riding around Calabasas in style.

In addition to Jenner's extremely lavish push present, the new mom also received 443 cream and pink roses — representing Stormi's time of birth, 4:43 — just days following giving birth. Jenner shared just a snippet of the bundles of roses on her Snapchat account, leading fans to wonder who they were from, exactly. It was being reported that the floral arrangements were gifted by Scott, but with Kylie captioning the clip with "from my <3," many of her diehard fans were convinced that they were from her best friend Jordyn Woods.

The 20-year-old followed up the roses snippet with another snapshot of the card, which read, "So proud of you[.] Love you!! Wifey," and by writing "Jordy" at the bottom of the post, Jenner let everyone know that this beautifully thoughtful gift was from Woods.

Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

It's been exactly a month since baby Stormi entered the world on Feb. 1, and the obsession surrounding all of the details of she and her mom have yet to slow down. It's nice to see Jenner dialing back on sharing too much with the world, but rationing it out like this is totally throwing fans for a loop. Fans want to see more of Stormi, and in addition, knowing more about Jenner and Scott's relationship status wouldn't hurt either.

Guess fans will just have to wait a little bit longer to get some clarity surrounding Jenner's personal life, because it doesn't seem like she's going to answer any of their burning questions any time soon.