Arie Just Basically Broke All 'The Bachelor' Rules For Lauren

Paul Hebert/ABC

There comes a time in every Bachelor suitor’s life when a decision must be made — is it time to take things downtown in the Fantasy Suite? For some, it’s an easy call, and for some, it’s not, but one thing is for sure — every couple at the end of the season gets the option of spending some alone time. No cameras, no microphones, no problems. Did Lauren and Arie have sex in the Fantasy Suite on The Bachelor?

Lauren has been one of Arie’s frontrunners from the very beginning. She was pretty quiet in the beginning, but that could have more to do with the Krystal drama tornado that ate up a lot of the storyline of the show. Then that whole “Bekah is barely of drinking age” thing happened, and Lauren got pushed by the wayside again. That said, Lauren and Arie have always connected on a deeper level. During her hometown date, Lauren told her mother that she and Arie share a deep mental connection. He can walk in the room and she knows what he’s thinking, and vice versa. That must be how they communicate in the general sense, because Arie and Lauren share so few verbal words together that it has to be all in the mind.

Lauren keeps going back and forth on how much to give Arie. She’s always “in her head,” as Arie likes to say, because, as the game ends, Lauren realizes that the deeper she gets, the more likelihood that she can get her heart smashed into teeny little bits. Sometimes, Lauren says, she just wants to give up because it's too hard, and she has to much to lose. This is all so understandable, but that's love, kid. It's vulnerable and it's hard. Lauren said:

"I've been so in my head this week, and I've been freaking out... I know that it just stems from my feelings for you. I have these deep-rooted trust issues, and me knowing you're dating other girls is hard for me to grasp. I feel like I'm constantly battling myself... I want you to be confident in your decision not just the day you propose, but for the rest of your life."

Then, Arie dropped the "I love you" bomb. Did you hear it go boom? That set the scene for the Fantasy Suite date card to come out, and Lauren accepted Arie's invite to spend the night alone. She said, "You honestly shocked me so much when I sat down here and you told me you loved me." Very, very few Bachelors actually say "I love you" before making their final decision, so this is a big deal for the show. It's a big deal for Lauren and Arie, obviously, but it is a rarity in Bachelor world to drop those L-bombs so early.

Lauren and Arie then retreated to the Fantasy Suite, but did they have sex? Well, I don't know, and as the Kermit the Frog meme says, that's really none of my business. People in love have sex. People not in love have sex. So they could have done the deed on their first night alone, yeah. Or they could have just been up all night talking without the cameras trained on their faces. That is probably nice, just to get away and be a somewhat normal couple talking about your high school mascots. That's the problem with the Fantasy Suite — obviously, this show is a public display of love, but sex doesn't have to be, and it shouldn't be. What happens between two consenting adults isn't the national public's business. Lauren and Arie are in love, and no matter what they did in that Fantasy Suite, that love is all that matters.