Wait, Did Luke Pell Diss 'Bach' Star Nick Viall?

All may not be well in Bachelor Nation. According to InTouch Weekly, Luke Pell is reportedly feuding with Bachelor star Nick Viall. In a new interview with the magazine, Pell — who competed for JoJo Fletcher's heart on the Bachelorette Season 12 — may have taken shots at Viall's reality show performance. "I definitely would have made a better Bachelor,” Pell told InTouch. "I’m one of the most genuine and honest people.”

As you may recall, Pell was a fan-favorite who was all set to be the next Bachelor until he reportedly was nixed for Viall. Last year, he claimed to Us Weekly that he was the original choice and even had his bags packed when he got a call from the producers. It's why you can't blame Pell for being a little anti-Viall, but is this self-proclaimed genuine and honest guy really trying to start something with the most recent Bachelor?

Well, in the interview with InTouch, Pell admitted he hadn't watched the show but said, “Based on the unsolicited feedback I’ve gotten from people, this season has been terrible." He also reportedly didn't believe that Viall, who ended up proposing to Vanessa Grimaldi, was actually in it for love, but for the fame. "He could have ended this season and [gone back to a normal life]," Pell said, "but instead he chose to do the most narcissistic thing you can do, which is Dancing With the Stars. I think that makes a statement.”

Pell is also making a statement with this interview, but it seems like one that's a bit out of a character for the veteran and country singer, who Bachelor host Chris Harrison said was the "whole package." But it's not out of step with some of the recent comments he's made about this season.

Pell did tell Us Weekly last week that he would have been a more emotionally open Bachelor than Viall. "Life is too short to be pretentious and closed off. I’m probably just more comfortable in my own skin and just being open," he said. "That’s probably why there was a lot of feedback that people wanted to see how I would be in that position. We’ll never know.”

While Pell appears to be throwing a bit of shade at Viall, to call this a "feud" seems a bit hasty since he's shown some signs of support for the guy who took his spot. After Viall picked Grimaldi, Pell posted the tweet below:

Does that sound like a guy who's looking to start something?

Earlier this month, in an interview with People, Pell offered his two cents on who Viall would choose, saying Grimaldi had a "winning Bachelor résumé: the special education teacher from Canada, she’s a sweetheart," and despite, not being the one with the roses, he empathized with Viall. “It’s interesting,” he said. “I mean, I feel for the guy. Who’s ever in that position, it’s usually a tough position to be in. But it’s interesting to think about how close it was to being me.”

Folks, there you have it, the line that seems to explain why Pell's feelings about this season have been all over the place: He's still dealing with his own rejection. He's dealing with the fact that this season could have been his. You can't blame Pell for being a little raw about the whole experience, especially, since it went down so publicly. You know what they say, though, there's plenty of fish in the sea — not to mention, so many reality TV shows to join.

And not all hope is lost, Pell has already said he wouldn't mind spending some time with the next Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. Pell told People that he thought Lindsay, an attorney, would be "very analytical" in choosing her final suitors and that it will be "interesting to see her kind of navigate those waters."

As for going going on a date with the soon-to-be Bachelorette, Pell said, “Absolutely. Sign me up!” Hear that, Rachel? There's a honest, emotionally open guy who'd like a shot at your heart.