Fans Totally Think Tristan Thompson Tweeted About The Khloe Kardashian Baby Rumors

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Tristan Thompson/Twitter

What a week to be keeping up with the Kardashian family. On Tuesday, word spread that Khloe Kardashian is reportedly pregnant, according to TMZ, People, and Us Weekly. And around that same time, fans thought the reality star's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, responded to the pregnancy rumors with a cryptic tweet. But not so fast, there may be more meaning behind those side-eye emojis.

As far as the pregnancy rumors, Bustle reached out to Khloe's rep and Thompson's agent, but did not receive an immediate response. However, some fans are taking Thompson's eyeball tweet as his response to the rumors. That could make sense, or he could be tweeting about something else near and dear to his heart — his NBA team, the Cavaliers. Right around the time when the Khloe rumors began circulating, the Cavs were trending on Twitter for a separate reason: Dwayne Wade reportedly signed a deal with the Cleveland team, and it's major news in the world of sports.

The fact that the Cavs news and Khloe news broke at the same time may just be a testament to what a power couple this is: One's a big name in the entertainment world, while the other is part of a popular team. Regardless, it's really quite the coincidence — or perhaps Thompson's tweet is a response to both big announcements. Anything is possible in 2017.

But let's think about this logically for a second. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but his comment is likely sports related, since he followed it up with the message below:

The devil emoji is really something, just adding to the crypticness of it all. And no matter what, fans will keep thinking what they want to think. After all, Twitter is a free-for-all.

Some Believed It Was Definitely About Khloe

The congratulations rolled on in.

Others Demanded Answers

Honestly, it could go either way. Just let the people know, please.

Some Were Split

Need. Confirmation. Now.

Meanwhile, These People Focused On Sports

This appears to be the logical conclusion, to be honest.

Even if the rumors aren't true, Khloe and Thompson seem to be going strong as a couple. The pair has been dating for nearly a year now, frequently traveling to see each other or posting about the other on Instagram. On Khloe's birthday, he wrote, "This picture right here sums up how wild, crazy and how much we love each other. Let's continue to build more memories and cherish them with each other."

And their love couldn't be more mutual. Khloe gushes over Thompson too, recently revealing to Ryan Seacrest that they met on a blind date and their connection was instant. Even though she didn't want to go on that initial date, they now seem inseparable. She also told Seacrest, "If he's around, of course he'll be on," regarding Thompson's future appearances on KUWTK. That's definitely a good sign.

Not only that, but Scott Disick approves of Khloe and Thompson, so you know he must be the real deal. Disick is like a brother to Khloe, having dated her sister Kourtney on-and-off for years. Through all the ups and downs, Khloe and Lord Disick have been buddies. Speaking of Thompson, Disick recently told Steve Harvey in an interview,

"He's like the first nice, normal guy she's ever brought home — not that we're nice and normal, but... He's an unbelievable guy, I'm just not used to that."

So yes, while the baby rumors remain just that — rumors — at least Thompson fits in well with one of TV's most famous families. And following in the Kardashian's footsteps, he knows how to make social media collectively raise its eyebrow with a single tweet.