Disney Villains Just Got Their Own Wine Glasses & You'll Want To Sip From Them All

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It's time to combine three of your passions — Disney, Halloween, and wine. How will the three ever come together? Will the combination be too powerful? Well, in a beautiful and kind of hilarious new wine glass set, the three manage to blend perfectly. You can get Disney Villain Wine Glasses from Party City, which will totally transform your next drinks night. Or your nights in on your own, watching all of your favorite Disney movies. Basically, all of the best nights can be made better with these wine glasses.

These four glasses are black with gold accents, which makes them perfect for Halloween — or whenever you want your inner villain to shine through, which is probably a lot of the time. You can, of course, sing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" at full volume every time you look in the mirror — and you should. But you can also use these wine glasses.

"Serve spooky beverages at your Halloween party with the Disney Villains Stemless Wine Glasses!" the description explains. "This Halloween drinkware set features four black stemless wine glasses with four different Disney Villain-themed designs. The designs featured are a Maleficent head silhouette, a poison apple, and the headlines 'Spirit Of A Rebel' and 'Okay To Misbehave'. The Disney Villains Stemless Wine Glasses are perfect for wine, punch, and specialty drinks at your Halloween or Disney-villain themed party."

My favorite is the Maleficent head silhouette, but to be honest they all give those lovely, villainous vibes that warm my little heart right up.

A set of four glasses, each of which has a 15.2oz capacity, retails for $12.99 — so just over three bucks a glass, which sounds like a bargain to me. They are currently sold-out online but you can search for in-store pickup options. Get them just for a Halloween party or for everyday use — really, there's no wrong way to celebrate your inner villain.

If you love the Disney villains — the real heroes of every Disney film, don't @ me — then it's been a pretty good year. Not only is Disneyland's Oogie Boogie Bash celebrating all things villainous, it gives special love to the Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But we've also seen the ColourPop x Disney Villains Collection, with all the tools you need to turn yourself into your favorite villain, glam-style. Then there was the Disney Villains x FILA Collection, which let you emulate your favorites, right at Urban Outfitters.

We've even seen other Disney Villain glass sets, but without the classy wine edge — and, of course, there are wine glasses featuring the Disney princesses, if you'd rather celebrate the ingenues of your favorite stories.

With fall starting to come into swing and Halloween not too far away, it's time to start embracing the darker side of life. Some of us might be doing it by diving straight first into the Halloween candy offerings — that's my plan, for sure — but others might take a more refined route. So if you're a Disney fan or you really just love a good glass of vino, then the Disney Villain Wine Glasses might be right up your street.

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