Disney Launched "Mug & Sock Sets" For Adult Fans Just In Time For The Holidays


I am absolutely more of a “hang out at home in comfy clothes with some tea on Friday night” kind of person than a “paint the town red on Friday night” kind of person — but hey, guess what? If you’re also like me, Disney’s online store has us covered: shopDisney just launched a bunch of Disney-themed mug and sock sets that are basically designed for homebodies. Go ahead. Put on your snuggliest PJs. Queue up your favorite movie. Make yourself a cup of something warm and comforting. The nights are getting longer (and, hopefully, cooler soon, as well), and I’d be willing to bet that more than a few of us are absolutely ready for them.

Disney socks have been having something of a moment lately; those advent calendars full of them, for example, have garnered a huge amount of interest each holiday season over the past several years. We seem to have a particular soft spot for Disney socks packaged in creative ways — and that’s exactly what the mug and sock sets tap into: The mugs are adorable; the socks are unique; and when paired together? To say that they push all our nostalgia buttons would be underselling it.

There are three sets to choose from, each of which takes its inspiration from a Disney classic: For the cat people in the audience, there’s an Aristocats set themed after the elegant and feisty Marie; for those who like to stick with the OG Disney gal, there’s a Minnie Mouse set replete with polka dots; and for the folks who wish they could live in an idyllic setting like the Hundred Acre Wood, there’s a Winnie the Pooh set. Each set includes a mug suitable for hot beverages (and, to be fair, cold ones, too, in case you’re an “I drink my wine out of coffee mugs” kind of person) and a pair of fuzzy socks perfect for lounging around the house in.

Each set is highly detailed, as well. In the Marie set, for example, the mug is pink — just like the little white cat’s signature bow and collar — and adorned with illustrations of Marie herself; the word “Cattitude” is also scrawled across its surface. The socks, meanwhile, actually look like Marie; white on top and featuring Marie’s adorable little face and hair bow, they give way to pink and white stripes on the bottom, with a no-slip sole stamped with a rubberized paw print. The Minnie set, meanwhile, comes with a white mug featuring vintage-style illustrations of the mouse and the words “Sweet as can be!”; the matching socks also resemble Minnie’s appearance, with the black tops showing Minnie’s face, ears, and red bow, with red and white polka dots taking the stage on the bottoms. The no-slip rubberization reads “Minnie.”

But the Pooh Bear set? That one takes the proverbial cake (perhaps a honey cake, at that). The mug is red and decorated with illustrations of Pooh along with the words “Busy doing nothing” — and the socks? Oh, the socks! Like the Marie and Minnie sets, the socks look like Pooh Bear on top — they’re yellow and depict Pooh’s face and ears — and give way to a pattern below (in this case, red and yellow stripes). This is all cute enough as it is, but where the set really nails it is in the design for the no-slip soles: The words “Oh bother” have been scrawled across the bottoms of the socks in rubberized material.

It is glorious.

All three sets are currently available at shopDisney for just under $25 a pop; there are also a few additional promos going on right now, so if you’re into using coupon codes, you can get free shipping on orders over $75, discounts on plushes and Halloween candy bowls, and so on. Head on over to the Special Offers page for details on these and other deals.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put the kettle on

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