Lauren's Ex-Boyfriend Was A Big Part Of Her Life Before 'The Bachelor'

Paul Hebert/ABC

Arie and his many suitors have faced many obstacles on their path to finding true love. Second thoughts about the process, 14-year age gaps, and drama have all played a part in Arie's season of The Bachelorbut the greatest obstacle is yet to come. All season, the show has been teasing a confrontation between one of the suitors and their ex-boyfriend, without revealing who the suitor-in-question is. While fans won't know who the suitor is until the finale, clues are indicating that the ex-boyfriend will be none other than Lauren B.'s.

Over the course of Arie's season, Lauren B. and Becca K. have both talked to the Bachelor about their romantic pasts, foreshadowing that either of them could end up confronting a past partner while still on the show. The intrusive ex has been shown saying "I don't wanna be on this show. I want my girl," in previews — but it is the way he says it that could provide a major hint as to who he believes "his girl" is. The mystery ex has a slight southern drawl to his voice, which indicates that he's not from Kendall's coastal hometown of Los Angeles or Becca's midwestern hometown of Prior Lake, Minnesota. However, Lauren B.'s southern home of Dallas, Texas would be a perfect match for the accent that is briefly heard in the preview.

Lauren B's and Arie's relationship has been relatively uncomplicated throughout this season of The Bachelor. Despite a few dates that seemed to have more awkward silence than conversation, these two have displayed their interest in each other time and time again. At one point, Lauren B. is seen crying over Arie to what appeared to be a Bachelor producer, in a stark contrast to her usual, emotionally-guarded, self. While Lauren B. has stayed out of any drama for most of The Bachelor, the arrival of her ex could complicate things very quickly for her and Arie.

Lauren opened up to Arie about her ex-fiancé, claiming during a one-on-on date that "as soon as we got engaged, he was cool with not treating me very well. It did affect me emotionally and I’m even more guarded than I was before."

But, whatever drama Lauren may have had with her ex in the past, it doesn't seem like hers actually crashes The Bachelor. Major spoilers ahead!

According to ABC News, it's actually Becca's ex who shows up. His name is Ross and he shows up determined to propose before Arie can. He even knocks on Arie's door to talk to him. Unsurprisingly, this makes Arie upset. Per ABC News, he said, "If Becca were to leave, I would just be crushed. The whole thing makes me so angry and upset. It blows my mind."

In fact, an ex showing up for Becca could push Arie even closer to Lauren (or Kendall).

While Arie hasn't been the most expressive of Bachelors, it still seems like he is truly interested in Lauren. They've moved past their awkward silences, and Arie even managed to impress Lauren's family – even if all he had to do was mention that he had visited American troops to her father.

Arie and Lauren have overcome obstacles during their time on The Bachelor, but it's probably good that he didn't have to deal with an ex obstacle with her. Although it isn't Becca's fault that her ex shows up, it could make Arie second-guess their romance. He may doubt that she's really over her ex. In any case, Arie will have some difficult decisions to make when The Bachelor finale eventually airs on March 5.