Drake's "Diplomatic Immunity" Lyrics About This Famous Rumored Ex Has Twitter Totally Obsessed

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well, Drake is at it again. The rapper surprise-dropped two new tracks ahead of his Scary Hours EP, and Drake's "Diplomatic Immunity" lyrics about Jennifer Lopez prove that he's nowhere near done getting his heart broken. The pair reportedly dated for just two months in 2017 — before J.Lo got together with former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez — but it seems that their time together was significant enough to earn a mention in the new Drake track. In February 2017, Lopez denied a relationship with Drake and maintained they they just worked together on a song.

Two new Drake songs arrived on Saturday, Jan. 20, and the fan reactions are pouring in on Twitter. No one forgot that Drake and Lopez were a thing, and most fans admired his reported dating history. The rest of the time, Drake fans posted reaction GIFs, videos, and thought experiments out of concern for the rapper. After all, the "Diplomatic Immunity" lyrics in question are: "2010 was when I lost my halo / 2017 I lost a J. Lo / A Rotterdam trip had me on front page, though," are pretty much as direct as Drake's ever been with his music. Also, the phrase "A Rotterdam trip..." could mean an experience in the Netherlands, or a reference to Lopez moving on to Rodriguez, who is famously nicknamed "A. Rod" (get it?). That didn't escape fans' notice either. Previously, Drake had also mentioned Lopez on his mixtape More Life.

Obviously, Drake can't rap about rumored ex Jennifer Lopez without the Internet having something to say about it. Here's how the "Diplomatic Immunity" lyrics affected Twitter.

1. A Laugh-Cry Emoji Was All This Person Needed To Say

It's a good point. What's your angle here, Drake? It's like all of his music is a cry that he just needs a good hug.

2. One Fan Was Savage About The Drake and J.Lo Rumored Relationship

Well, that adorable old GIF just twists the knife, doesn't it?

3. This Fan Totally Understood

It's true. In Drake's defense, this is Jennifer Lopez he's talking about. Every fan should be so understanding.

4. Some Didn't Hesitate To Bring Astrology Into It

This obviously inspired an extreme debate. There are only four elements, too! Water, fire, air, and earth. You can't fight about that forever, Twitter users.

5. One Twitter Expert Brought The Drake And J.Lo Receipts

He posted an audio clip that proved the "A Rotterdam" reference was no coincidence.

6. This Drake Fan Just Wants To Understand The Power Of His Exes

She's not alone. Everyone needs to know what loving any one of Drake's fabulous (rumored) ex-partners was like.

7. One Person Does Not Think Too Highly Of "Diplomatic Immunity" Drake

Really? A clip of Kramer from Seinfeld? Yeah, Drake seems to have a lot of feelings...and so does Kramer.

8. This Fan Was Just Freaking Out About "Diplomatic Immunity"

That is the correct reaction. Brief, to the point, and correct.

9. One User Just Wants Some Facts

J.Lo wasn't the only rumored ex mentioned in the song — so was Rihanna. That makes this is the most perfect tweet on Earth and does not require a caption. It's always funny to remember that Rihanna's full name is Robyn Rihanna, though. Robyn!

10. A Practical Fan Was Concerned About The Logistics Of Being Drake

That is a legitimate concern.

11. One Drake Fan Had The Perfect Reaction

Being worried while court side at a basketball game in a pink and white letterman jacket is peak Drake.

It's been almost a year since Drake and Jennifer Lopez ended their brief rumored relationship. Drake isn't dating anyone today, and J.Lo's relationship with A. Rod is about as high profile (and so New York) as it gets. It will be exciting for fans to see how the rest of the EP rolls out, and if the rapper goes into any more detail about his reported fling with the iconic J.Lo.

In the end, though, fans just want Drake to be happy. It's what everyone wants. Hug it out, Aubrey Drake Graham. Hug it out.