You Can Buy Single-Serve Unicorn Cake Mix & Live Your Sparkly Purple Dessert Dreams

Duncan Hines

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, if it's 2019, then it's definitely a unicorn. Unicorns are clearly still having moment and, in this case, an edible one. While we've been seeing unicorn-themed everything this year, Duncan Hines' Unicorn Cookies and Pudding looks ready to make a delicious debut. This new dessert, perfectly portable for one, is purple and comes complete with star-shaped sprinkles — basically everything you want from a dessert. Spotted by Instagrammer @JunkFoodMom, there are a lot of questions swirling around this new option — but it's definitely an exciting time.

Here's the thing — it's not clear yet exactly what this delicious looking dessert is going to be. While Duncan Hines announced it in an article on Food Business News, the company has not yet revealed a specific date for the launch of the product, or what, if any, specific "flavor" the cake will have.

That said, Duncan Hines' Microwave Mug cakes come in dozen of flavor options, so it may be safe to assume that this unicorn product is an offshoot of something the company already does well. I'm personally hoping it's something in this vein. Mostly because the cooking instructions for the Perfect Size For One Oreo Cookie and Creme Cup are so simple that not even I could mess it up. You add three tablespoons of cold water and stir well, microwave for about a minute, let it cool for two minutes, and you're done. Just add toppings and enjoy. Easy.

While the company didn't reveal the answers to the most pressing questions of cake fans, they did answer a few. Namely: Why unicorns? Why now? According to Food Business News, Duncan Hines has been looking at more and more ways to open up its products, and the company recently hinted at the unicorn-themed dessert. What was once a land of box cakes and pudding cups has become so much more. “Many of our snacking brands were treated as center-of-the-store commodities, and they were locked in their legacy format, and that was particularly true of Snack Pack, Swiss Miss, and Duncan Hines,” Thomas M. McGough, co-chief operating officer and executive vice-president of Conagra Brands, said in a statement. “But when you reframe these three brands as sweet treats, you open up a massive demand space.” A UNICORN SPACE.

But really, while we wait for this new twist to hit shelves there are plenty of other unicorn treats out there. If you prefer your edible unicorns in savory form, there are Unicorn-Shaped Macaroni & Cheese From Kraft ready to make your dreams come true — or you can go totally in for the sugar rush with the Chuck E. Cheese's Unicorn Churros paired with some Keebler's Unicorn Fudge Stripes. Basically, anything colorful and whimsical can be shoved into a unicorn theme if you try hard enough.

Duncan Hines' Unicorn Cookies and Pudding looks primed to be an exciting addition to the dessert scene — even if we're not quite sure exactly what it is yet. But give me some purply, starry delicious any day — I'm all in.