Mandy Moore's 'This Is Us' Themed Gift From Ellen DeGeneres Will Make You Say Too Soon

Prepare to have your emotions toyed with all over again, because Ellen DeGeneres gifted This Is Us actor Mandy Moore a Crock-Pot as a housewarming gift on the comedian's talk show Ellen, as reported by Glamour. Now this seems like a thoughtful present on the surface, but as This Is Us fans know, Crock-Pots are a sensitive subject for the Pearson family. In the Season 2 episode "That'll Be the Day," it's revealed that a faulty switch on a two decades old slow cooker sparks the fire that ultimately leads to Jack's death.

While you would be well within your rights to say DeGeneres' joke was too soon — it's only been three episodes! — it's also perfect considering the uproar that descended on the poor, unsuspecting Crock-Pot company in the wake of the episode. After the fictional slow cooker turned out to be the source of the fire, fans began questioning the safety of their reliable appliance and threatening to exile Crock-Pots from their kitchens. The uproar got so bad that the company issued a statement on their Facebook page:

"Since the 1970s we have been providing families with quality and safe products, ask your parents if you don’t believe us. DM us with any questions, and we'd be happy to tell you more about our safety standards!"

The whole situation culminated in Milo Ventimiglia filming a hilarious Super Bowl ad for the company in which he made peace with the kitchen appliance. Is it any wonder that DeGeneres couldn't resist giving Moore a Crock-Pot for her stunning new kitchen after all of that?

For her part, Moore seemed to appreciate the joke, and she appeared to be genuinely grateful for the gift. When DeGeneres pointed out that she probably wouldn't use it because it wasn't white like the rest of her appliances, the actor insisted she would because it was from the host. The sweetness is real, people.

Moore also vowed, "I will remember to unplug this after I’m done using it." Her promise comes as a relief — even though Crock-Pots are safe and handy appliances, the sadness surrounding Jack's demise is still way too fresh. Adding concern over his TV wife cooking up chili at home is likely more than This Is Us devotees can handle.

Still, that is one lucky appliance, because it's going to live in a truly stunning kitchen. Moore has been chronicling her home renovation process on Instagram, and her kitchen has slowly turned into a marbled paradise with the kind of cupboard any foodie would geek out over. Even DeGeneres pointed out that the place where the actor stahes her paper towels and water bottled looks like a luxury supermarket. However, the star swears it's not quite that tidy now that she and her fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith, have properly moved in.

DeGeneres' hilarious housewarming gift might not fit the decor of Moore's kitchen, but it is symbolic of just how big This Is Us has gotten in Season 2. The show's fanbase is a passionate bunch, and their investment in the mystery surrounding Jack's death led to Crock-Pot having a major moment in 2018. When Moore looks at her shiny, new slow cooker, she's sure to think of her TV family and the wild ride the show's second season has taken viewers on.

There are only two episodes left this season, but This Is Us has already left its mark on 2018 — and inadvertently made a kitchen appliance look like the most dastardly villain of the year. Now that DeGeneres has gifted a Crock-Pot to one of the show's biggest stars, there's no denying that the Pearson family is part of the zeitgeist — and capable of making people weep at the mere mention of a slow cooked supper.