Emma Stone’s Golden Globes Date Is Her Brother, Spencer, & They're A Super Cute Duo

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For people who were hoping that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield would hit the Golden Globes red carpet together, you might have been disappointed to see they didn't come together. However, Stone brought her brother to the Golden Globes, which is actually possibly even better than her showing up with her ex-boyfriend. Of course, I miss that Stone and Garfield aren't dating anymore, but the Golden Globe nominee bringing her brother Spencer to her big night is pretty special.

As Stone will likely win the Best Actress - Musical or Comedy Golden Globe for her stunning performance in La La Land, who better to join her than someone from her family? (Update: She did.) And actually, this isn't the first time that Spencer has accompanied his famous sister to the Golden Globes since she brought him in 2015 when she was nominated for Birdman. Although Spencer is not in the public eye, Ryan Seacrest did give viewers the intel about his age (he's 26 – thanks, Ryan!), so he is Stone's younger brother.

Beyond their Globes appearances together, they've had fun with other awards shows, including the Spike's Guys Choice Awards. When Stone won the Hot and Funny award in 2015, she actually read a speech that Spencer wrote for her. So yeah, they make for a pretty great pair.

As I fully expect Stone to win tonight, it's great that she'll have her brother by her side to celebrate her well-deserved award.