Tinder Is Fighting The Gender Pay Gap This International Women's Day — And You Can Help


With International Women's Day on March 8, many are stepping up to the plate and showing their support for women. This year's theme is #PressForProgress, encourages us not to be complacent in the fight for gender parity around the world.

Tinder, the popular dating app, is using this opportunity to fight the gender pay gap, the disparity between what men and women are paid for equal work. The gender pay gap is a huge problem, with women still only earning around 83 cents on the dollar — and women of color earn much less.

"This International Women's Day, we wanted to tackle an issue that is facing all women around the world today: the wage gap," Rosette Pambakian, Head of Brand at Tinder, tells Bustle. "We are encouraging people everywhere to tweet #TinderForEquality, which will trigger a $100 donation — up to $200,000 — to UN Women, an organization which focuses on women's equality, inside and outside of the workplace."

It's great to see a company committed to eradicating the gender pay gap — and it's time more companies followed suit.


Tinder will be making donations to UN Women, an organization committed to equality and the empowerment of women. For every person who tweets in favor of equal pay and tags Tinder, the company will donate $100 — up to a $200,000 total donation. Here's how to get involved on International Women's Day to support women:

1. Tweet #TinderForEquality and tag @Tinder

2. Tinder will donate $100 to UN Women on your behalf (up to $200K)

It's really simple — and it's such a great way to give back to an important cause. If you're looking for a way to support International Women's Day, this is the perfect place to start.

If you aren't familiar with UN Women, they're a crucial organization working to fight for equality around the world. As their site explains:

"Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but its achievement has enormous socio-economic ramifications. Empowering women fuels thriving economies, spurring productivity and growth. Yet gender inequalities remain deeply entrenched in every society. Women lack access to decent work and face occupational segregation and gender wage gaps. They are too often denied access to basic education and health care. Women in all parts of the world suffer violence and discrimination. They are under-represented in political and economic decision-making processes."

It's easy to see why Tinder paired up with them, especially since the dating app has been committed to promoting equality and inclusivity. Last year, they donated $250,000 to women’s organizations on International Women’s Day. They also launched More Genders, allowing people to write in the gender they feel applies to them, and are petitioning Unicode for interracial couple emojis.

With an administration that seems to consistently challenge women's rights, International Women's Day means more than ever. There are lots of different ways you can show your support, but tweeting #TinderForEquality is an easy way to get money to a great cause.

This article was updated from its original version on March 8, 2018.